Who needs John Howard Wyman’s Book? A whole lot of Illinois Attorneys!

Dear Readers–see the email below to John Howard Wyman/KDD and my new law clerk, Jeffrey Duncan.

Dear Ken;

I am having Jeffrey Duncan make up a list and start delivering books to all attys at 1) the ARDC – # 1 priority, 2) US attys at the Northern District, Eastern Division, General Crimes division, here’s a good one-2.5) -Public Corruption and Organized Crime–sounds perfect!

3)  John G. McKenzie is the US atty for the Western Div of the Northern District, but what did Atty Timmerwilke do when she was under investigation–give him “special” treatment (on a mattress), and they got married and broke up two families, so let’s send books to his entire staff!  How about the secretaries too?  I bet we can find out who they are.  Secretaries and personal assistants always love gossip and soap opera types stories regarding whom they work for.

4)  Ill. Atty generals; (lisa madigan);  4.5)  Criminal prosecution atty generals for the State of Illinois; 5) the “guardianship and advocacy” commission attys (these guys must be sleeping on the job); 6) the States Atty for District 1;

7) the Winnebago attys managing the court (more sleeping attys); and 7.5) the officers for the Illinois States Attorneys Association.

A lot of sleeping attys out there need your book, John; Please get us all the copies we need for this project.

Jeff, go ahead and make a table of all of these from Sullivans 2012-13 and we’ll start delivering books.  You are strong, able and competent.

The elderly and disabled who have been oppressed and abused by the Illinois Probate Courts are depending upon you.

I left the Sullivans on your desk with a number of post its for the attys we need to get the information out to.



PS–Ken, if the ARDC is ticked at you for sending out hundreds of emails calling for an investigation in a case that clearly lacks jurisdiction and has been going on for 3 years–this is total vindication for you!

PPS–John, you didn’t realize it at the time, but you wrote a book that helps vindicate an honest, ethical and amazing atty.  Give yourself a thousand gold stars!

PPPS–this will be great for a post!

2 thoughts on “Who needs John Howard Wyman’s Book? A whole lot of Illinois Attorneys!

  1. Joanne, on one of your last post, you mentioned about the lack of advanced notice in Sodini case law. In the estate of Alice R. Gore, deceased, a 99 year old disabled ward of the Probate Court of Cook County: The GAL entered “emergency hearings” consistantly, in one case with one hour notice in which Alice’s daughter had to travel from Highland Park to the Daley Court Center. The emergency hearings usually regarded fabricated financial problems. Lucius

    • Dear Lucius Verenus;
      I would love to hear from the family of Alice Gore that they want to have someone as a “designated plaintiff” in a class action against the miscreants of Probate that operate without proper Sodini notice and hence proper jurisdiction. Please have them call, email, or text. It is against the ethical rules for attys to contact a client regarding filing a case first; the client must call the atty first. All I can do is send out the message that I want to do this, and interested parties must call me first.
      I hope you understand.
      So please encourage the Gore family to reach out to me and ask about my helping them out.
      thanks for your post, it is much appreciated and you asked a very good question about attys seeking plaintiffs.

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