ARDC Prosecution for the 3RD type of Currency in the Nursing Home Biz? The trading of beds!

Dear Readers:

See below.  Ken is very concerned he is being prosecuted and singled out because he has made sooooo many public statements about the third currency in the nursing home biz.  In case you didn’t know, the nursing homes are filled with grandmas and grandpas just begging to go home.  Conversely, in other countries this almost NEVER happens, unless the senior is truly homeless AND has no family.

How did we get to this?

The nursing homes say it is “pure coincidence.”  Excuse me for not being naive, but I go to nursing homes, I know people that are in there via my church, my friend’s elders, etc. and I can tell you right now, about 80% are begging to go home.  They want to go home.  They want to be with family.  What I don’t get is these people are not the untouchables.  Why is there no one to help them accomplish this?

From what Ken says, you can buy an investment in a nursing home group of beds, and you will be given profitability from that.  Now you and I know it’s a scam, but apparently those in the biz get their investors from the houses of worship who are older and have dough and are not likely to stick around 10 years to see the sale in a biz that is undocumented.  So, like a good Ponzi scheme, for the first two years, the investment pays off at 20% per year, then it tapers down to 10% per year, and the owners of the scam keep the last 25% saying the home has changed, there are no profits, but when the building land and property is sold, you will get your return and then some.  Of course, that never happens.

Ponzi is alive and well and he must have established the 3rd oldest business–investment scams to give the 2nd oldest business plenty of work!

In any case, all of this is a taxable event.

Getting back to our seniors, what happens when grandma and grandpa protest this scheme AND THEY MAKE SENSE?  Come up with a BS, mini mental scheme to put them away and put them on strong psychotropic drugs such as Risperdol, Halodol, Seroquel, Libirum, etc.  Those drugs should be banned from sale to nursing homes!  Gimme a break.

Back to Ken’s position.


From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 10, 2012 8:49 PM
To: Mary Waddell
Cc: “Edward C. Carter” , matt senator kirk
Subject: Re: Thank you again

That you for your support.    I am going to win this ARDC thing.   I am going to win because I am right and we still live in the United States of America.

My investigation of the Sykes and related matters has not terminated.   This morning I was visited by a lawyer who has represented the nursing home crowd and has close ties with them.   Apparently in addition to the Rothner/Kaplan grand jury investigation, there is a new Morris Esformes grand jury investigation.    Esformes and his son were called before a Federal Grand Jury in relation to some prescription drug overcharges to Medicaid and Medicare.    I copied Mr. Carter of the AG’s office so that he can give the information to the IDR investigators who are doing a parallel investigation on behalf of the State.

Once again I got confirmation of the three currency levels that are used by the Cabal to evade taxes.   I’ve given this information to law enforcement previously and they seem uninterested.   What is interesting was the ARDC attorneys questioned me concerning my e-mail in which I furnished the AG’s office of the non-cash currency – i.e. the nursing home bed barter, and the opportunity barter.   Both are very difficult to prove for law enforcement, but have resulted in millions of dollars transferred sans taxes.   As at this point in time I am paranoid I wonder if the ARDC attorneys had a motive that was unexpressed in their effort to ‘shut me off!’   I do not know one way or another, but as I do not believe in coincidences it seems to me that with certain health care provider investigations now disclosed to before a Federal Grand Jury and me spouting off about extra legal currencies – ****.   The fact that I was questioned concerning an e-mail that disclosed this situation sets up a red flag.   The fact that I was asked if I felt the need to repent for doing what any human being and citizen is expected to do sets up a second red flag.  I make no accusation!   I am just exercising my First Amendment Right to discuss this unusual situation with a ‘friend!’   Some people in authority might not approve, but the US Supreme Court in Alvarez made it clear that the US. Supreme Court approves.

Ms. Waddell, it now appears that the nursing home cabal  has been now reported to trade in the opportunity to gain pecuniary advantages.   I was alerted to this situation in the Sykes case when a cabal owned entity was recommended by the guardian ad litem to supervise visitations by Gloria and Aunt Yo.   Why did Mr. Stern (as an example) want supervised visits.   I saw one of the bills that Gloria Sykes received – she was charged for the supervision of Mary’s dog!.    After my niece was fired from a Speech therapy job, I asked a couple of questions and received an admission that indeed, my niece was terminated as the result of ‘her publication’ of the 3rd currency.   (She did not know anything about the 3rd currency, but she got credit  – as she had already lost the job and I did not want her working for these people I did not correct the impression – until now!)

We have our hands on a major miscreant situation.    I have suggested that people write their elected representatives and law enforcement.   Maybe we will find an elected representative who really cares about the elderly and who has learned the lesson that Democracy is not a spectator sport.   I would like to know if my being questioned on the nursing home currency was coincidence or something more sinister.   The nursing home industry is a billion dollar industry and with government involved the health care industry in spades, doubled and tripled well connected nursing home owners stand to make a fortune at taxpayer expense.   It is obvious that the individual political operative does not care – Carolyn Toerpe did not inventory a million dollars in collectibles.  Not only is the United States and the State of Illinois not seeking to collect the taxes but the ARDC is working to shut me up.

Thank you again for your support.

Ken Ditkowsky

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