A Great Big Thank You from Ken to all his Supporters

Thank you
Every good deed is properly punished.   I attempted to do what was expected of me as a human being and as a lawyer.   It obviously affected the sensibilities of some of the political elite who feel that the elderly are ripe targets for abuse and exploitation.   They thus attempted to separate me from my Civil Rights and my human rights just as they had done with Mary and Gloria Sykes.   When I refused to be intimidated that went after my law license.   The law licenses is not necessary for me to do my duty as a citizen and as a human being – but the loss of it could be nightmare, and a gross inconvenience.   As I am 3/4 plus one *****.
Now that the trial phase of my nightmare has ended, all we have to do is wait for a decision.   This decision could come at any time; however I am informed that it will come in about six to twelve months.   When the decision comes down Ms. Matson will notify you of it.   In my opinion that United States constitution demands that I be vindicated.    The Alvarez case (recently decided by the United States Supreme Court obviates any doubt as to my rights!
As I told the ARDC attorney as long as the Good Lord allows me to live on this planet and as long as the Stars and Stripes is proudly displayed as the flag of the United States of America I will continue in the effort to save senior citizens from predators whether they are court appointed or operate under more primitive motivations.      I also intend to exercise my rights under the First, Fifth, Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution to the fullest extent possible even if it offends such luminaries as Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, etc.
I appreciate all the support and the efforts expended on my behalf.    I particularly appreciate all who attended the two day attempted lynching.     Thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, your friendship, and your support.    When the chips are down you know who your friends are – thank you again.
Our work is just beginning.    We have to access all law enforcement facilities so that we take the profit from the miscreants.    A good starting point is alerting the IRS as often as necessary to the fact that the breach of a fiduciary relationship is a ‘taxable event!’    Thus, when Carolyn did not report or inventory the million dollars in Au (Gold) coins she created a taxable event.    With interest and penalties the United States Treasury has a very nice windfall.   As Ms. Farenga exposed her and Adam Stern’s culpability ****.    Law enforcement can act only if they know about misconduct.    Democracy is not a spectator sport and our job is to help those in authority to ‘do their assigned tasks’ for the benefit of the public.
Thank you all once again.
Ken Ditkowsky


From Joanne:
And if you get a chance, please check out John Wyman’s book on Amazon — “Against her will” — it details his mother’s struggles, his struggles and the family desperation lumbering under yet another Illinois Probate Court clearly acting without jurisdiction since July, 2009!

There is no doubt the effect on the family is one of demonizing and terrorizing them.  We have stopped the sale of further assets, but eagerly await the court’s determination of jurisdiction.  Let’s see if Judge Fabiano will do the right thing.  I have also asked OPG Sharon Rudy to do the right thing and rather than file a Response to my Motion to Dismiss/NonSuit for lack of jurisdiction, she SHOULD JOIN WITH ME AND DO THE HONEST THING AND DISMISS THAT LAWSUIT!

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