Trial of KDD–A Shameful Act by the ARDC has NOT gone unnoticed

Dear Readers;

One of the first things that Ken did was to email everyone he could and thank them generously for his support and I know that I thank everyone (I can still be next thru such a fiasco, but I know that I will have Ken by my side and I have a few choice speeches for the ARDC lawyers they don’t seem to care about grandma and grandpa as much as they do the pitiful likes of Stern, Farenga, Stuart, Connors, Waller and all their co-conspirators.)

In a way, the ARDC was putting grandma and grandpa on trial yesterday and making it clear that if the legal system set up a Gulag for them, then they had better knuckle under and just be held down and shot up with Risperdol, Halodol, doped up with Seroquel and the likes and just shut up and take it.  So what if they’re left lying in their own excreta for hours in an awful nursing home like some stories I have heard–despite the fact they had money put away for in home nursing care or the govt could pay and much less than a nursing home at five to seven grand a month to the clout.

Ken is right and I’m proud of him standing up to such injustice.

I wish I could have been there for the whole trial and blogged about it, but I bet there was a set up between AS and LB as usual to kick out my blogging, but no matter.

Through the grapevine, I have heard:

Comments, some catty, but hey what’s life without catty comments from the chicks out there:

1) the tribunal was very uncomfortable, shifting all the time and moving about, whenever Ken or his atty Larry made a speech;

2) LB’s shoes were clearly too big and she fiddled with them as if she had to keep them on correctly so she could run out the door at any minute;

3)  Apparently LB wasn’t paying close attention to what she was saying because she listed one of Ken’s unethicals as attacking criminals for their criminal behavior (Freudian slip, perhaps)?

4)  The commission said Ken had no one to testify in his behalf, but everyone in the audience was there for Ken and if asked to step forward would have gladly provided an entire dump truck load of manure on the miscrants and provide a halo, golden robe and wings for Ken.  At any given time, there were between 10 and 20 people in the audience from recognizable Probate action groups.  I didn’t see a single person there for the miscreants.

5) apparently Ken was threatened with being disbarred for being 15 min late (boy are they a crabby bunch), but the other daughter pointed out the tribunal was 30 min late the other day. But that won’t work with them, one of the members is just a member of the public, so you can’t bar them from being a person, but then again, perhaps CF and AS can have them put in a nursing home, drugged and then filch all their life savings in Probate attys fees.  Larry never did ask about the average Probate bill from the attorneys, private and GAL circling the place like sharks in a school.

My 16 year old daughter just got up so I have to go.

take care


From Ken Ditkowsky–

I am moved by your loyalty and friendship as well as the loyalty and friendship of everyone who have undertaken the effort to protect the elderly and their families from government fostered exploitation and abuse.   The officialdom does not want to acknowledge that the elderly are the new Jews of the 2012 Holocaust and as the ARDC attorneys summed it up–  if lawyers do not co-operate in the ‘cover up’ of the policy of denying a senior citizen of her liberty, her property, civil rights and property the public will be reminded of Graylord and the corruption of the second oldest profession.
One of the reasons that I focus on the Sykes cases is that it is a “lodestrone”.   The death of your mother was so typical of what was reported in the ‘underground press!’ as a common event.   Yes, we have an underground press because the mainstream media is unwilling to to expose the people Gloria Sykes referred to as the “whores of justice.”   Indeed, your mother’s protests were just too compelling for the Court appointed guardian and as she allegedly had the ‘loot’ under her control you mother’s life became expendable.   Thus, she was terminated and set for a quick cremation!
According to the Illinois ARDC, to think or speak of the alleged criminal conduct in a manner that someone might hear and prosecute the miscreants is unethical conduct on the part of a lawyer.   I am not making a ‘joke’  this is exactly what Ms. Black and her 2nd chair argued to the commission.   At this point in the proceedings I was extremely ‘spent’ but I was still shocked that in the United States of America any agency of the government could hold our American Constitution is such disdain!
Your experience and that of so many of the targets and their families have been deprived of their liberty, property, civil rights and human rights and our elected representatives are disinterested.   Law enforcement could ‘care less’ except that certain agencies will spend the last drop of taxpayer money to protect those who are court appointed and engage in what must appear to strangers to be a public policy of elder abuse and exploitation.
No – Mr. Bush – I am not ‘cowed’ and I will not shut up!   In 1936 people like me did nothing and were cowed.   The 1939 they were marched into the ‘gas chambers!’   Democracy is not a spectator sport, and those people who fail to take cognizance of history are doomed to relive it!    I am reminded that the inventor of the guillotine was its first victim!
Ken Ditkowsky

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