Debriefing from the other daughter and Scott

Dear Readers;
Please thank these two individuals for letting me know what was going on today.  As you know, I was kicked out of the trial and I am assuming it was a SLAPP violation except for the fact, I think the trial skills of the Administrator and staff are somewhat lacking.  Just my humble opinion.  I have to say when LB was standing up there and asking essentially, over and over, “Is there any basis for saying (you are a liar, you didn’t serve notices, you are lying about the laws and case law” blah, blah, blah–f course the miscreants were going to put down their heads, not look at the hearing panel and say “no.  I’m brilliant.  I don’t lie and I would make sure there is jurisdiction and  I served summons and complaint for the partition and the apportionment.  Duh.  Is she kidding?

Gloria informed me that CF’s body language was not good.  Like PS and AS, there was a lot of slouching going on and none of them looked at the hearing panel.  Of course, you have to do that when you are lying.  Your eyes typically and involuntarily dilate when you lie, and liars on the stand never look at the judge.  But I digress.
Apparently, Dr. Patel found his way to the 11th floor of the ARDC offices (I hope he got paid $400 per hour for that, I have to talk to him about being an expert witness), and he said he got the letter from Ken and did nothing with it.  What else is new?  Dr. Patel heals people. He isn’t interested in their family disputes or court disputes for that matter.

None of Scott Evans (close family friend to Mary), the other daughter who was told to show up at 11 am or any witnesses for Ken were used.  The other daughter and Scott think it’s because Ken only scheduled 2 days so how it works is that if the plaintiff uses up 2 days, that means the defendant gets 0 days.
Sorry, that’s not how it works.  The subpoenas served on every person should say the trial begins on day one and continues from day to day until it ends.

I do patent and trademark work and do trials in Law Division (highest dollar value) of the Cook County Circuit Court.  All parties are heard.  There is no, we scheduled it for 7 days and the defendant does not get to go on trial. That is impossible.  The trials continue from day to day until the plaintiff rests, then the defendant typically asks for a directed finding, then the defendant puts on his case.  Since I have heard from Gloria and Scott, then Atty Hyman told me it was over, I assume it is at the point where KDD asked for a directed finding, made a closing argument with respect to Plaintiff’s case, and it is over for now.

KDD should have reserved his right to put on his case and his witnesses.  But what is the point?  The other daughter will testify, the subpoena was defective, the Sodini notices were defective, she was never served with a proper summons and complaint for the Partition or Apportionment action and it was too late, blah, blah blah.  I saw little of case law going on in this proceeding. It was really legal light. (my apologies to Leah Black, but you know….)

So keep on checking back.

I am going to check with Larry tomorrow for his details.

But in the meantime, the body language reports continue. Other daughter says that CF was looking down, slunched over and looked down (obvious sign of lying).  She says that Dr. Patel said he did nothing with the letter from KDD other than dumping it into the file (which you know from yesterday he had problems leafing through without the help of his “office manager”.–love those docs!).

If LB is bringing a case against KDD for writings with “an obvious disregard for the truth” she needs to watch more cable and Dish TV.  Everyone knows there is a ton of BS in the world, and no reason to get uppity about it.  Officer Cammeron was not impressed, neither was anyone else. But they all keep the emails “just in case.” Has she heard that pixels bounce around in cyberspace for free?  That’s right, no obligation and no cost.

Oh, and here’s something funny.  While I know body language is important, and Scott knows it too and so does the other daughter, being a reporter, at one point they all got bent out of shape over this and told the witnesses they could not even glimpse into the courtroom for that!  Amazing.  I have heard you can’t listen to another witness’ testimony, but body language?  Are they kidding?  I’m not even sure that is right.  The reason for exclusion of witnesses is to make sure testimony is fresh and truthful.

But to say you can’t even look at body language?  That’s not in any rule I have ever seen.  Makes the ARDC look corrupt.  Oops!  I can’t say that any longer according to Atty Hyman.  I have to say that makes it look like the person has deviated from laws, morals or ideals.  I can do that.  I have quick words in Wordperfect.  I’m glad that someone is using technology.

Does this indicate a cover up too?

Just asking.

Mr. Hyman has officially informed me that “corruption” is a pejorative term and I shouldn’t use that in speech (way to go!) or I guess on this blog.  So like Ken who says “frugal with the truth” for lying, I guess I have to define corruption as not adhering to a set of ideals, laws or morals.  We need a new word because the miscreants just can’t handle it.  I would tell them to put on their big boy and girl Pullups, but perhaps that’s too pejorative too.

I really need to write a whole new dictionary based upon probate.  Maybe the Probate Sharks will help me with that.  I see my stuff on their blog right away, and I am glad for that.  Bless them and all the other probate blogs pointing out corruption or a “failure to adhere to a set of ideals, laws or morals.”

I really didn’t know I need a whole new dictionary (besides Wikipedia) for being a lawyer and blogging, and for using pejorative terms such as “corruption” and “lying”.  Okay, that’s funny.  LOL.

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