Some additional questions for Atty Black at the ARDC

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Sent: Jun 20, 2012 12:32 PM

Subject: elder Abuse

Here in Illinois we have a bunch of senior citizen cases in which a number of seniors have been deprived of their liberty, property, civil and human rights by court appointed miscreants.    Illinois government ignores the problem until after the senior dies and the Judicial watchdogs stand squarely protecting the miscreants.
If you are interested Attorney JoAnne Denison maintains a website that has the Mary Sykes matter as its keynote.   Probate Sharks and NASGA maintain more comprehensive blogs.    The details are the same.   A Gulag exists!    An individual who is targeted can be declared incompetent, and have his/her rights terminated.   GALs serve to protect the new status quo until the estate is stripped and the victim is allowed to die.    In the Sykes case a person who the ‘ward’ complained about to the authorities was the preferred plenary guardian.
In spite of her treating doctor refusing to declare her incompetent, and Mary Sykes passing a written examination administered by the Secretary of State of Illinois Mary Sykes was declare incompetent.   Of course no medical testify was need – the GAL told the Court that the written protestations of the victim were ‘undue influence’ of a close family member (the younger daughter) and the victim did not want a lawyer.   As the treating physician was unwilling to certify, the Court counseled the miscreant applicant to find a doctor who was more co-operative.
It has been a scandal that some our expert witnesses will testify to just about anything for a price =  Naturally one of those doctors was found.   The rest is history.
The scary thing is that placed in proper context one of the compliant judges could and would declare you or me as incompetent and appoint a plenary guardian for us depriving us of our liberty, property, and civil rights.
When a group of citizens requested I investigate, I did.   I was first subjected to a sanction motion.   It did not bother anyone that the Court had no jurisdiction over me,  I was sanctioned.   As I am a lawyer, I took an appeal.    The Appellate Court vacated the sanction award and dismissed it on jurisdictional grounds.   The two GALs in the Sykes case filed ARDC complaints against me for the unethical activity of protesting the violation of my First Amendment Rights (and that of my clients).   Believe it or not the ARDC refused to investigate the GAL who misused their positions, but it has filed a disciplinary action against me.
In Illinois exercising First Amendment Rights is unethical.
Ken Ditkowsky

From JoAnne Denison;

While the GAL’s have repeatedly alleged that KD (and I have seen this erroneously reported on other blogs) state that he allegedly sent a letter to Dr. Patel stating he represented Mary and needed her medical records, I have not seen a copy of that letter anywhere.  It should have been attached to the complaint against KD.  Did the miscreants forge such a letter?  In any case, KD had the authority of Gloria who undoubtedly had the authority of Mary to obtain medical records.  I am certain that Gloria was listed as a person to disclose Mary’s medical information to.

Has the ARDC subpoenaed Dr. Patel for those authorization forms?  I bet not.

I believe that KD received quite a few medical records for Mary from Gloria nonetheless.

All good questions for Ms. Black at the ARDC, since her complaint seems to turn on all of these issues.


1 thought on “Some additional questions for Atty Black at the ARDC

  1. Dr. Bennet Blum is a leading forensic geriatric psychologist who, working out of Tuson Arizona, normally is hired to prove undue influence and ‘murder’ of a senior by his or her guardian/family member. I spent three hours with him in November 2009 and did a comprehensive interview. (go to: That said, attorneys Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga and adam Stern hired their court friendly medical doctor G. Shaw who has testified in the Sykes case that my mother was incompetent on October 17, 2008 — on that date — and unable to sign documents, even though my mother had three attorneys representing her and under the supervision of a law judge. That said, my mother also passed her driver’s test in January 2008 — but Carolyn Toerpe, under oath, as well as Dr. Shaw, testified that my mother was functionally incompetent and diagnosed as such in Jan. Feb. 2008. I have the medical reports from Jan and Feb. 2008 and my mother didn’t even have a diagnosis of dementia: in fact, the first diagnosis of dementia came only after my sister started buying Mother’s medications and taking mother to Dr. Patel’s office. What I feel terrible about is that my mother complained to me in 2008 that she felt “weird” and she ‘didn’t want to go to Carolyn’s home any more” because all Toerpe had her do was “sit in the corner”. Interesting, the two reports Dr. Shaw used to claim my mother is incompetent, as he never met or even talked to her or Dr. Patel, are the two visits in October where Toerpe knowing that I was settling the Lumbermen’s case, brought mother to the doctor right before the final settlement and right after the settlement. Even more curious is the fact that Toerpe took control of purchasing mother’s prescriptions for the high blood pressure, which again all started in 2008. Mother always bought her prescriptions from her friend and neighbor’s pharmacy: but all of a sudden, Toerpe started buying the prescriptions from Walgreens and in September 2009 when mother was home, we went to Walgreens and learned that the prescription mother was taking were not what she thought she was taking: Toerpe switched out the medication bottles. The medication Toerpe was administering to Mother has serious side effects including memory loss and disorientation. So Mother’s concerns about feeling “weird’ and not wanting to go to the Toerpe home any more were real. That said, in SEptember when mother was allowed to spend 14 days at home, the last time she was home, she returned home from the Toerpes verr ill! I brought her to Dr Ooman and internist and we learned she was very sick, and almost in kidney failure. I immediately got her home care because she didn’t want to go into the hospital: mom was so dehydrated that ****. In any event, Toerpe even called and threatened Dr. Ooman — threatened to sue him for testing mother because Toerpe told Dr. Ooman that she was mother’s power of attorney for medical and only she had the right to bring mother to a doctor! I thought Cynthia Farenga would take note but instead Farenga reported to the court, “if Mary was in Kidney failure she’d be dead….” I gave the court the medical reports but it didn’t matter. Mother had home therapy twice a week and the court sent her back to the Toerpes against my mother’s objection and Toerpe stopped all of the therapy and began the bad prescriptions again. Soona fter, Mother is removed from the adult day care center four times (in March 2010) by ambulance and then Toerpe has her on more medications with even more serious side effects. By December mother couldn’t swallow and had lost 40% of her body weight and Toerpe waited 10 days before she brought mother to the ER. Mother was then hospitalized and put on IV’s. It was a reaction to medication Toerpe had her on for serious stage 4 Alzheimer’s! Mother was also on medicine for vertigo (because the other medication made her dizzy and drossy) and then she was on a medication for nausea caused by the vertigo medication and all the medications caused memory loss and ***. The Court again ignored the medical reports. Mother kept telling me everything over the telephone and I recorded the conversations, and then I recorded her while she was writing a letter asking for an attorney: I was denied all visits and phone calls for a year. Then Judge Stuart ordered I can see my mother again and now mother is not only writing letters, but she’s bowling, going to church and mingling with people, playing miniature golf, and so, my sister has e served with a pizza flyer and all visits and phone contact stop again. It’s been over one year since I’ve seen or talk to her and meanwhile I’ve learned a lot about people. It’s funny, but I know who my true friends are and I know who the opportunists are and people with agendas. If you want to know more, call me 773-910-3310. Even in the Sykes case there is a Trojan Horse filled with people who claim they are supporters but who have agendas beyond the scope of helping my mother. That said, even the author of this blog will throw me under the bus for money — in the end — it’s all about money and control. Well, all of you can take the money and go to hell with it, but give my mother her freedom and let us alone. As my mother told me the last conversation, “well, we’ll just start over”. You’re damn right we’ll just start over but this time, we will know who all the enemies are. It’s my goal that my mother and I travel across America together and help other’s prevent what we’ve gone through. But now I’m ahead of myself. Please help me free my mother before it’s too late. As. Dr. Blum staid, when the money runs out the elder is ‘murdered’ — either over or under medicated or suffocated and then c cremated…. thank you.

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