Ken Ditkowsky says that Judge Timothy Evans sent me a bug letter

Dear Readers;

As you well know, last December 2011 my laptop was seized when Adam Stern whined to Judge Connors that I was blogging (soon the transcripts will appear on the first page of this blog, I am working on that), So finally, finally I got a response from Cook County presiding judge Timothy Evans after 3 faxes and waiting about 2 weeks. (I guess he has no law clerks or staff).

in any case, see below: (cut and paste link)

Obviously, the letter says nothing in response to consititutional rights, the ability to best serve your client, etc. but Ken Ditkowsky had an even better anecdote regarding a “bug letter.”

KD’s anecdote:

“Many years ago before the age of computers on every desk, the Illinois Central Railroad ran trains to Southern Illinois. The trains had windows that opened, and sometimes passengers were harassed by insects. On one such trip a traveler was so upset that he wrote to the Chairman of the IC to complain.

In the 40’s and 50’s Banks and large institutions had automatic typewriters – these were typewriters that we very much like player pianos. A secretary would type a master, and then another secretary would fill in the details such as name, address, etc.

Anyhow, our traveler received a letter very similar to what you received, and in the unsophisticated era the personal signature totally mollified him – until he turned the letter over and saw in pencil the words: “send bug letter.”
It is a shame that everyone is watching what appears to be a crime being committed, i.e. a 93 year old lady, kidnapped and robbed and the thieves acting in concert with the judicial system. The Illinois legislature enacted the Sodini protections and made the protections jurisdictional to prevent exactly what has happened in the Sykes case. Now for four years this Gulag has continued in full sight of law enforcement, the highest ranking judicial officials, and the world. Mary Sykes has been totally deprived of her liberty, her property, civil rights and even human rights in full sight. Approximately a million dollars in assets have been illegally sequestered by the thieves who have the temerity to brag in open court of the perfidy! (see Sykes transcripts)

The distinction between Chicago street crime and guardian crime is that the ‘thugs’ are not ‘minority individuals’ not Italian mafia etc. They are ‘clout’ heavy political types who have for many years ‘played’ the system to make their bread at the public expense. By targeting Grandma who they could characterize as senile they are apparently safe as their co-conspirators cover their tracks with CYA letters, intimdation, and deceit! These criminals are just as vicious as the gang member who grabs grandma’s purse and throws her onto the elevated tracks! The only distinction is the the judicial system protects them. Shame, Shame, Shame.

The attached letter from Judge Evans is a symptom of the corruption that gave rise to Watergate, Greylord, Sykes, etc. It is difficult to speak to deaf ears glued onto public officials whose sole aim in life is CYA. Rest assured, at some point in time the right combination of circumstances will occur. How many years did Sandusky prey on male children? How many responsible people watched? What did the public authorities do? How many lives did the SOB ruin?

Why are the public officials who ignored the problem not in the ‘dock?’ Every one of them Aided and abetted the criminal activities while they occurred – each should be independently prosecuted and sent to jail as an Accessory during the fact. Each public official who ignored a complaint letter or other communication had an affirmative duty (parens Patrie) and in ignoring his/her duty assisted in the crime. These elder abuse cases are identical. Today – all the is required of the public officials (who have nothing to hide – those who do should take the fifth) is to demand a complete honest and comprehensive investigation of all the facts of the Sykes case.”

Sigh, now I have to send him a fax saying that his letter was non responsive, I will make the security guy aware of the letter, but the reality is lawyers protect our rights and not security people.  I have yet to see a cop or security officer say, you have important constitutional rights and I want to protect those.  Nope, their mantra is “an arrest a day keeps the sarge away.”

I don’t think the Hon. Timothy Evans  knows that I am serious enough to sue him over this because it is a very important right to be able to take notes in court when needed and to do the best possible job for your client.

So more faxes. I will let you know if I get a real response from him or if I have to go to a federal court district judge to do it.

thanks all.


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