From Lisa Belanger, esq.–a Father’s Day Poem

Dear Readers;

As some of you might be aware, Lisa Belanger is a lawyer in Mass. who has had her father ripped from her by a number of court appointed and connected “professionals”, namely a greedy CPA and lawyer appointed as conservator for her father–DESPITE the fact her dad was a lawyer, has a substantial estate and named her and her sister in Power of Attorney Documents to care for him, manage his affairs when it came time, and be his conservator.  But the court appointed “friends” of the court–most notably NYC Mellon Bank who hold this estate.

She has filed an appeal of those decisions and we all wish her well.

But she cannot see her father because “that agitates him.”  Of course he is agitated when he cannot see his two beloved daughters and 5 grandchildren and wants to call them several times a day–as he had in the past!  He is told not to call them and he has a fit and physically grabs that phone!  He won’t let anyone stand in the way of calling his beloved daughters, so what do they do?  Physically restrain and drug him–despite the fact he has heart disease and kidney problems and the psychotropic drugs they use are hard on his heart and kidneys!

Now he is drugged and isolated from his daughters and grandchildren.  How abusive is that?  And it is all done under the gloss of authority of the Mass. Probate Court.

Another case of evil and greedy and severe emotional abuse of an elderly senior.

Please pray for Lisa and her sister Devora and the granchildren and the dad.






To Live in Hope

To Have Loyalty, Morals

To Have Compassion, Kindness

To be Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked

To Fight for Justice for Family, for Others

To Not be Silent When People Suffer at the Hands of Others—

To be Heard in Defending Others

To Right the Wrong and To Not Stop Until Won

And to Be Able to Look in the Mirror When the Day is Done

I Miss You–More Than Words Can Ever Say;

Yet, I will Overcome the Obstacles in Our Way—

Because of What You Taught Me



by Lisa Belanger for her father on Father’s Day 2012

1 thought on “From Lisa Belanger, esq.–a Father’s Day Poem

  1. This wh*** and horrors of justice — the lawlessness over money — nothing more or less than Hitler’s T4 plan, is a new way of life for Americans! My mother always said, “Money is the root of all evil” and I would argue, that it was not. It is why she and my father kept their wealth in the family and other than sharing with estate planners and tax accountants, the Sykes family appeared as a regular middle class hard working family — they both saved and invested and saved, not for their own enjoyment, but to make certain that my sister and I would always be taken care of. And taking care of us they did: mom and dad paid the major expenses of our college expenses: daddy bought us each our first cars and paid the insurance and all costs until we graduated and got a job and a income, At all times my parents look care of us, and when CArolyn Toerpe’s ‘husband’ was out of work, my parents give them a ‘gift of at least $10,ooo to put down on the home they now enjoy and then another $8500 to pay the mortgage for one year when Carolyn was pregnant with Kirstin. Since most of the time Fred Toerpe was out of work or making little, my father and mother bought the food / paid the meals at restaurants, every weekend that they spent at the Toerpes when Kristin was growing up… and I didn’t care. My dad knew that I was doing well and didn’t need his help financially, and the few times I asked for a ‘loan’ he or my mother was paid back immediately. When I bought my home at 6016 I put down the downpayment and then paid the mortgage— paid to maintain and ****. So this poem, this prayer, this reality check by Lisa, should be a reminder to all of us that like my mother said, money is the root of all evil especially since the ‘evil’ is in our judicial and it’s simply business as usual — nothing more and nothing less that Hitler’s T$ plan. Thank you Lisa for sharing. God bless us all … the horrors and wh***s are all the same, the means are different, however, and we will fight for our parents as they fought and stood by us… and we will prevail individually and collectively.

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