More good questions surrounding the Declaration of Incompetency from KD and Gloria

From Ken Ditkowsky:

The written test administered by the Secretary of State is not only significant but it is positive proof that Mary Sykes was competent when Carolyn made her application to have Mary Sykes declared incompetent.   It also clarifies why Carolyn was unable to obtain a certificate of incompetency until they went to an incompetency mill doctor.    These doctors for a price will prepare and sign certificates of incompetency for just about anyone including but not limited to the current presidental candidates.  They operate under the credo “do not confuse me with the facts, I’ve made up my mind.”
The doctors of infamy provide cover so that the estates of the senior citizen victims can be ‘looted’ and the Adam Sterns, Cynthia Farenga’s and Carolyn Troepes can hide behind their victim’s right of privacy*****.
Ken Ditkowsky (his experience and his opinion).
And dear readers, that is exactly why Gloria has not receive any discovery answers regarding these individuals.  I would have asked them in interrogatories how many seniors they have declared incompetent for court purposes, by year, how many seniors they have determined to be competent, and what they were paid for doing this.  Clearly these court appointed or court friendly doctors routinely declare seniors incompetent so they lose their rights, they have to live in nursing homes or where the court says, they no longer can stay in their own homes and most important, some nursing home, some elder care service agency tied into the court gets fees, GAL’s get fees and make campaign donations to the court—and the list goes on.  This is a system intended to strip sentions of their property and their rights, and their ability, like Mary G to live at home in comfort all her remaining years–as her Power of Attorney for Health Care so states.

From Gloria to Ken Ditkowsky, Esq.
Subject: RE: Affidavit 214

True but at the end of the day Dr. Patel wrote Carolyn Toerpe a letter on June 15, 2009 and was clear that my mother was competent so much so that she-mother-instructed him and he-Dr Patel- followed her instructions and refused to sign the CCP form. Then on June 25, 2009 mother met with Mr. Lippmann of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. The attorney also found mother highly competant and mother vacated parts of the 2005 trust removing Carolyn Toerpe as Trustee and specifying with clarity that 6016 I was the sole owner and she was to live in her home 6014 until her passing and then it was to be passed down to Toerpe and I 50/50 and all she owned including the cash, coins, valuable furniture, jewelry et al. also split 50/50. All these safeguards, and yet Toerpe and her attorneys have taken everything for their own financial gain including my mothers freedoms and liberties as an American Citizen. So I find that she passed a driving test in January 2009 a little irrelevant when she also filed a verified petition with State employees for an order of protection on the 9th of June 2009 and right under Judge Kirby’s nose Toerpe was able to kidnap mom from the courthouse and bring her to Dr Rabin who signed a Ccp211 in a New York minute a little foolish for the political elite or policing agencies to care about now three yeas after the fact. They are watching my mother slowly die as AS CF PS CT HJW DJS and AB continue to have her drugged, isolated, and emotionally and socially neglected.

I’m completing my book for publication soon and it’s a horrific journey in time where the people mother trusted to help protect her all helped Toerpe and company destroy all people she loves and trusts and slowly murder my Mother in the process.

from Gloira Jean Sykes

Dear Readers:

Of course my question is, how is it that the GA:’s don’t see that Mary is in an unhappy place, she made numerous written directives to come home, she was doing fine with Glroia for 10+ years, and now the State of Illinois interferes with all of that.

I don’t understand why the court and why LB do not see how unfair all of this is, and Ken is right that an immediate launch of an investigation should be conducted–including interviewing Mary away from the miscreants.  It is easy for an abusive guardian to threaten the ward with a nursing home “if she does not behave.”

Mary wants to go home and she deserves to go home.  With all of the uncertainty, the litigation surrounding the two homes, they are unlikely to sell or to sell for much at all, even perhaps than the mortgages on the property.  I would not be surprised if there is a short sale on the brown house, or even on the front house to get those two properties sold. But this is the first step the Commissioner is supposed to take–can the brown house be partitioned, (and Gloria can jump in and ask what she would need to pay to avoid this, what her share it, if garage rights can be sold, etc.)  Then the commissioner should decide if it’s worth even putting the property on the market.  PS and Chase did great harm to the brown house (despite the fact the GAL’s stood by and have said nothing about that and neither has CT even tho she is a fiduciary to Mary, what’s up with that?), and most likely that damage means the property cannot be sold at a profit.  The commissioner should make that determination and that the court should release the property from the Estate because it is a burden and unlikely to realize any profit.  Gloria can submit such a report to the commissioner and maybe she will.

It’s soooo sad, when Mary was clearly very happy with Gloria and living in Norwood Park.  Gloria was going to fix up her home and eventually live there.  Mary could have lived at her home with a companion if the court or GAL’s found that necessary.  I know Gloria would have arranged for that.


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