Copy of Fax to Lea Black Re: TRANSMISSION OF Probate Court File–Mar 2011 to Dec 2011

First of all, the links to the documents where everyone can see the case on Google Docts (Gddss bless Google Docts!)

If link breaks:

File No. 2 (cut and paste)

File No. 3 (cut and paste)

File No. 4 (cut and paste)

Dear Readers:

As you are aware, I have promised to publish the court records and transcripts (not all hearings were transcribed) and get these to the ARDC so that they can see how the Probate Court has consistently ignored Gloria’s pleas for justice and relief.  Other than Carolyn, the plenary guardian, the rest of the Sykes family is not in disagreement on the issues in this case. Mary G’s sisters, other close family and friends all believe Gloria was doing an admirable job taking care of her mom for 10+ years.  But the Probate Court does not like that. How can AS and CF then churn fees when the family is happy? How can Carolyn do a money grab for Mary G’s bank accounts and the cash and gold coins at the home? Gloria was supporting her mother and keeping her in her home, well fed, well dressed.  Mary G walked to the bank several times per week and even walked 4 blocks to see her favorite doctor, Dr. Patel,who was keeping her in excellent health at age 90.  She passed her driver’s exam in Jan of 2009– six months before she was declared “incompetent” by Dr. Motckya.  There are videos on the internet that show this “incompetent” woman knows what she wants? Now she is 93.

Isn’t this the least bit scary to any of you that an estranged relative can barge into your life, loot your million dollar nest egg, wire the court and gain control when six months before it is undisputed you walked to and from your doctor and bank, you wrote checks–you even passed a written driver’s exam?

See the fax below.  Amazingly not all of it went thru because someone kept “answering the phone”. Since Lea Black at the ARDC won’t let me email these files, I have to fax them.

There’s about 400 pages of court docts so far on the court’s imaging system.  There’s about a carton of docts in the file. Although, I think I generated about 3 reams myself when I was involved with the case, and I plan on getting those docts to LB too.

Let’s see what happens.  I have no idea how the ARDC can make an informed decision on this case if LB doesn’t have the Probate file, entire transcripts (I have about 16 and there are more coming).

JoAnne Marie

Now for the Fax to Lea Black an atty at the ARDC

Attn:Lea Black
Fax 312-565-2320    From:                      Admitted Ill., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison, Pat.      Atty.  Reg.  No.  34,150
DENISON & ASSOCS., PC    FAX 312-553-1307
1512 N Fremont St, #202    CELL PH 773-255-7608
CHICAGO, IL 60642    PHONE 312-553-1300  or
Federal Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Marianne Buckley, Associate, Of Counsel
Troy Sieburg, Associate, Of Counsel
Important Notice
This facsimilie message contains attorney privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above.  If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copy of this communication is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by telephone, collect, and return the original message to the above address.  You will be reimbursed.  Your cooperation is immensely appreciated.
For transmission problems, please call 312-335-1300
A confirmation copy       WILL   ✔   will NOT be sent.
Pages in fax, including this coversheet – ( 2 + 4 PDF files to come  )
May 8, 2012

Re: JoAnne M. Denison ,  In relation to Cynthia Farenga’s Complaint AND
Kenneth Ditkowsky, the Sykes Probate matter
PLUS my request to open an investigation against Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern, Harvey Waller

Dear Ms. Black;

Without waiving my representation by Mr. Ditkowsky, who is aware of this communication, attached is are portions of the Probate File which have been imaged.  You should already have the following documents via fax for the above files:
1.  Table of Torts for April 2012, which I will periodically update.
2.  Probate file (imaged portion) Dec 1 2011 to April 1 2012 which contains the improper behavior of Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga which has occurred in Probate Court.  It supplements the “table of torts” which serve as a basis of complaints against these individuals.
3.  Probate file (imaged portion) Mar 2011 to Nov 2011, faxed May 8, 2012.

If you lose or misplace any of the above, these can be easily located at  While I do not think 99% of ARDC complaints need to or ought to be made public, I am 100% sure that Probate Case No. 2009 P 4585 involving AS, CF, PS and HW is so filled with grave injustices against Mary G and Gloria, the entire matter MUST and OUGHT to be published.

Unless and until I have heard that this has been accomplished, I will work on getting the feds involved, or the court corruption attorney prosecutors located at 219 S. Dearborn in Chicago.  I had to do this once before in Probate and once I shipped over a packet of info, the craziness in court all of a sudden stopped.  I guess a phone call was made.  That was a great story I will save for another day.

Thank you for your consideration and prompt cooperation in this matter.

Very Truly Yours,


Joanne M. Denison

PS–I think it is just easier for you to get the PDF files by email, but you said I could not email you anything yet on this case so I am faxing it to be sure I have a return receipt.

PPS–if you are doing a lot of paper faxing, I have found where you just get PDF files in your email is much better for longer faxes and I get people to use that.  And I don’t have to worry about anything sitting unattended on the fax machine.

Cc: Ken Ditkowsky, via email

Okay and here’s someting funny.  I faxed LB about 200 pages and they started picking up the phone at the ARDC to stop the fax!  LB told me she does not do emails regarding complaints, but in order to make a fully informed decision, she should have the entire probate file, all the transcripts, etc. — one would think!  I know as an atty if I got involved in all of this,  would want that and demand it before making a decision. But then they pick up the phone at the ARDC to stop your fax and they say “no emails.”

Do they really want all the truth?  I’ll check it out later today, see if LB calls about all the docts and let you all know.

Take care, and peace and blessing and justice to you all today

JoAnne Marie D.

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