More (Scarier) thoughts for today on reading the one sided, Gloria bashing Probate Court Record

Dear Readers;

This post started out as an amendment to the prior one today, but ooooh, reading that file and seeing how awful it was towards Gloria, got me going……….and you don’t want to get me going.

Even scarier are emails from the GAL’s in the Probate file that Gloria sent to the court where GAL Adam Stern incredulously write Gloria and tells her that her home (the Brown home) is a drain on her mother’s estate and so is the white one (Mary G’s home she lived in since the 1950’s) and must be sold.  He then accuses her of being bipolar, mentally ill, etc.–an Illinois licensed attorney admits to that–without cause or justification in the record.  There is no such diagnosis in the record.  I will readily admit Gloria’s eccentric, but then, arent’ we all in some way or another?  And she doesn’t go around suing people and interfering with other people’s families to churn fees–like certain other GAL’s we know, now does she?

Who appointed this guy Goddess that he can interlope in this family and sell both houses so he and CF can get fees, transfer Mary G to Carolyn’s home so Carolyn can sell the homes and put the money in a trust Carolyn benefits from, when prior to this Gloria took care of her mother and the mortgages on both homes?  Maybe AS and CF don’t like the way Gloria spends her money, maybe they don’t like the way Gloria wants to keep her mom at home until Mom dies and pay on two mortgages, but frankly, it’s none of their fudge making business. (See emails in 2-15-11 Probate file (No. 2), p. 10 where AS tells Gloria what to do and where to go.  The guy is clearly an out of control meglomaniac–and he puts it in writing)*  AS tells Gloria that both homes must be sold because “they’re a drain on the estate” while at the same time there are videos on the internet showing Mary is clear thinking and wants to live in her home until she passes and have Gloria  care for her and her daughters are to split everything on her death. (See Vimeo links on home page).

Again, between Jan of 2009, Mary passed her written driver’s license test, her eyes and ears were examined, she knew how to take directions and look in the eye test.  She passes a test many teens can’t pass today.  Then she walks to her bank several times per week, discovers that the plenary guardian took out $4,000 without authorization, goes to a lawyer, gets a Protective Order Petition going–talk to the paralegals there, writes her own checks, walks to and from her favorite doctor, Dr. Patel, 4 blocks away when she wants, visits the Fire House next door and everyone knows and loves her there.

Aren’t CF and AS embarrassed by all this?  Aren’t the judges reading this blog and aren’t they embarrassed by all this?  Now over a year of Probate Court file pleadings have been published on a blog on the internet.  That’s embarrassing to anyone with half a brain.

I already have 16 court transcripts and they are scary too.  Railroaded into a Guardianship, not permitted to speak in court, isolated in a remote suburb she doesn’t want to live in.  Who is in control of this?  We live in an area with a State Constitution and a US Constitution granting every citizen due process, rights to appear in court, the right to independent counsel, etc.

I will publish and fax the 16 transcripts to Lea Black tomorrow at the ARDC.

She needs all the facts.  These are very, very scary facts.

JoAnne Denison


*PS–note while I called AS an “out of control” maniac, this is a blog.  It’s purpose is to primarily entertain.  I do NOT do this in my pleadings or communications to and from my clients.  Turns out Neil Steinberg is an atty and he is pretty inflammatory in his columns, but this is entertainment and nothing more.  AS is free to respond by posting a comment and calling me a %^&*( and I will reply and thank him).  Because some %^&*( **clearly has to kick him in the butt for what he’s doing to Gloria, Mary and this family. Disgusting.

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