Re: How can a person who in 2009 passes a test administrated by the Illinois Secretary of State have Dementia?

From Ken Ditkowsky–an Illinois LIcensed attorney
The United States Constitution – you know that radical document that periodically a few thousand Americas give up their lives for – is an absolute.   It guarantees that a citizen will not have his/her liberty, property, or civil rights taken from him/her without due process of law.   The standard of due process is no very high, but it is still in full force and effect.     Society recognizes that subterfuges such as the Soviet Gulags are readily available and therefore we have such requirements as the Sodini  notices  and other protections.    One of the other protections is the Guardian ad Litem.   He/she is a fiduciary and is to be the eyes and ears of the court – not an advocate for the plenary guardian or the corruption of the courts.    I am using the words in the disjunctive sense.    A GAL investigation is made to ascertain if the person is indeed incompetent as a matter of law.   Part of that investigation is for the GAL to ferret out the facts.   There is no affirmative duty on the part of the children to spoon feed the GAL or to even be helpful.    It is my opinion that in the case of Ms. Farenga and Mr. Stern they had an agenda and if Gloria gave them the information – which I believe she did – they only reported the information that suited that agenda.   (This has been born out by their refusal to join in the call for a full investigation and their attempts to prevent me from writing e-mails such as this one pursuant to my First Amendment Rights)
In Illinois the mechanisms are in place to protect senior citizens from the loss of property, liberty, and human rights that Mary Sykes and others similarly situated suffer and are suffering.     (Talk to Tyler family, or the Coopers – they will give you an earful – Stern has inserted himself in Tyler).     The most important protection that senior citizens have is the FIRST AMENDMENT.    Unfortunately it is under attack in the ARDC proceedings against me.     I understand that Nationwide I am not alone.     Without the protection of the First Amendment we are right back in Germany in the year 1936 or Soviet Russia shortly after the overthrow of the K government following WW 1.
The Blogs are the ‘resistance’ to the attempt to abrogate the First Amendment.     Let me make this clear, except as a citizen of the United STates of America I have no financial stake in whether or not Mary was competent, incompetent, or something in between at any point in time.    Similarly the persons who operate the ‘blogs’ and have put forth strong statements of protest as to the wrongful forfeiture of Mary Sykes’ liberty, property, and human rights all do so as citizens interested in the simple principles that are embodied in the Bill of Rights and Article One of the Illinois Constitution.
You asked the question:  ‘smoking gun’  or ‘smoke screen?’    Lets find out!     Call on Law enforcement to demand a full and complete investigation of all the issues of Sykes.     Then start on  Tyler, Cooper (Gore), Bush and all the others in which family and friends of an alleged disabled person are aggrieved.   America cannot afford in 2012 reliving the horror of Germany that  became evident in 1936.    Democracy is not a spectator sport!   Read the ARDC complaint that was filed against me!
Ken Ditkowsky

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