From KKD: Corvid 19 and nursing homes, how dangerous is this to our elderly and disableds?

Cc: The New York Times <>
Subject: Sunday Chicago Tribune page 1 article on Nursing homes
Date: Mar 22, 2020 8:10 PM
In today’s Chicago Tribune appears one of those “kissing your sister” articles on nursing homes and C19 Virus.    The article ostensibly details the fact that in most nursing homes (care facilities) violations of Federal Public Health guidelines is the rule rather than the exception.    The article focuses on the fact that many of the extended care facilities have 2 or more violations.
Left out of the equation are the facts that we learned in the Philip Esformes Federal Criminal Trial.  (Mr. Esformes was convicted – he allegedly stole 1.2 BILLION dollars from the Medicare program).   To reiterate what we learned was that STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS charged with protecting the public and in particular the elderly were either bought off or were disinterested in doing adequate inspections thereby facilitating the abuses.
As the mainstream media treats the health care frauds with benign neglect it is not surprising that even though the Tribune gave front page space to the current immediate health problem it trivialized the problem.   For instance, as reported on the blog MARYGSYKES many nursing homes actually advertise openly and notoriously that they provide ‘kickbacks’ for patient referrals.   I’ve actually seen one of the solicitation sheets.    Of course with the meager media coverage of the ESFORMES trial and the outrageous situation that operates openly and notoriously the public is unaware of the enemy within.   NB.  Remember the Hollywood Hills nursing home fiasco wherein 12 seniors died because the operator of the home would not transfer them roughly across the street to a hospital with open beds and working AC.  Some patients were literally cooked in the nursing homes and had temperatures over 120 deg. Farenheit. I wonder how many of these patients were in a gship and had (a grossly incompetent) guardian.
Unfortunately I have had the opportunity to see what really goes on in many nursing homes.     Most are unsanitary, and poorly staffed havens for overuse of drugs (in many cases opioids) and abuse.   It is not unusual to observe drugged zombies sitting in wheel chairs outside their rooms – this is call physical therapy.    I recall the Jaycox case.    Robert Jaycox was a businessman who had a serious business reversal.  His doctor prescribed a drug to help him through the crisis, however, Jaycox had a drug side-effect.   Unfortunately, the hospital, the physicians and medical staff were unable to diagnose the problem.
Jaycox having the pecuniary reverse was also unable to pay the nursing home bill.   Without hesitation the facility (nursing home) contacted a psychiatrist who wrote a report that Jaycox was disabled and unable to care for himself or take care of his financial affairs. This report and a verified petition were filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.
Jaycox’s punishment for not attorning and for hiring an attorney was swift.   The protective bar on his bed was left in the down position and Jaycox fell out of bed breaking his hip.  I demanded a hearing for Mr. Jaycox on the issue of guardianship.   The hearing was fortuitously scheduled in the hospital on the day of the surgery.  The psychiatrist testified under oath as to Mr. Jaycox’s disability under questioning by the presiding judge.   On cross examination the nursing home and the shrink were surprised when I asked the question: “who signed the consent for the surgery?”  (Of course Mr. Jaycox had signed all the hospital forms indicating the staff believed he was competent at the time admission and treatment).
As Jaycox had signed the consent the case terminated abruptly and another date was scheduled.    A few days later Jaycox had aspirated pneumonia and was dying.   Of course he died quickly and was even more quickly cremated.
No all reluctant occupants of nursing homes are put to death.   Some are left to linger, doped to the hilt, and others ****.   Of course come election day every resident casts his/her vote.   It is respectfully suggested that the vote corresponds to the whim of the nursing home operator who often sells the votes to local pols.  This is well documented but never investigated, even when reported to the autorities, the FBI, in particular.    It should be noted that the State of Illinois’ regulatory agency was totally disinterested in what I would classify as the murder of Robert Jaycox.
Illinois authorities (along with regulators across the USA) could care less about the patients in the nursing homes.   It is an open secret that in many of the nursing homes it is an axiom  – if you go in – rest assured you are not coming out!    (except in cases where convalescence is the reason you are in – and your own personal physician and family are monitoring.
In Dr. Sugar’s book GUARDIANSHIP he points out that in the human trafficking (elder cleansing) cases a FEEDING TUBE is one of the first therapeutic devices you are fitted with.  A pair of handcuffs, or a chain attached to your neck would be too noticeable.   Even the blind, deaf State inspector would notice such appliances and might include them in his report.   Of course with sanitation a NO PRIORITY item the C19 virus might hasten the termination of stay of the elderly victim. (Thus, if you are seeking positives in relation to the C19 virus – here is one).
Proper supervision of the nursing home industry by the State (State of Illinois, Florida, New York, California et al) would eliminate many of the obvious problems that enhance the effect of the C19 virus, to wit:
1) proper staffing – in many nursing home, the staffing is farmed out to companies that provide nurses, technicians et al.    The facility then prepares a record showing that they paid to the staffing company for the correct number of RNs etc.  If the inspector finds that on inspection there is a deficiency = it is the staffing company’s fault.    The nursing home operators in various assumed names own all the stock in the furnishing company.   This company while owned by the same people who operate the facility it is run by a ‘young hotshot’ who will tell you want a genius he is and how he is the Good Lord’s gift to medical care.
2) pharmaceuticals, linen supply etc.    ditto operation.  prices adjustable to meet guidelines and orders on record to comply with guidelines.  If the linens are dirty or there are no linens, the linen company is to blame, but no where to be found.
3) the building is owned by a land trust with a corporate or trust beneficiary – in reality the operators also own the building.
4) Management if required to be done by an individual – he is a nominee – paid by a corporation owned by the operators.
The Enron style operation is done openly and notoriously.   Payoff to public officials are routine! Physician supervision is similarly a joke.   It was described to me in the following manner, to wit:  “Dr. X slows his care down to 30 miles per hour as he passes the nursing home.   He then bills for a 5 minute visit to every patient in the nursing home.  NB.  Obviously such is an exaggeration – the doctor slows his care to 5 MPH!
The criminal mismanagement and violation of Federal and State Standards does not exist in every nursing home.  It does exist in enough of them to cause great concern. As indicated by other reports the number of violations would be through the roof BUT FOR two factors.   Many of the regulators are on the nursing home payroll, and a large number have no idea what regulations, if any, they are sent out to enforce.   Some are on a revolving door payroll between nursing home operator and state nursing home inspector.
THE FOREGOING is the article that the CHICAGO TRIBUNE ought to have written.   However, I am grateful to the TRIBUNE – at least they wrote an article.   Apparently it is not POLITICALLY CORRECT to mention that the nursing home industry is a vital factor in the HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE ELDERLY.   In an article that has appeared on the blog PROBATE SHARKS in which a noted nursing home operative brags that the elderly are just a commodity to him.
Health care in the United States comes with a massive fraud surcharge.   This surcharge is reported to be 700%.    The criminal conspiracy that protects the HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the elderly (elder cleansing)is protected by REGULATORS who are bought and paid for.  The C19 virus if left unchecked will delete the human traffickers inventory!    Maybe that is the reason that the Tribune wrote its page 1 article – the criminals preying on the elderly will lose a great deal of money! Maybe the media desires Congress to protect the profits of the HUMAN TRAFFICKERS in the elderly!

2 thoughts on “From KKD: Corvid 19 and nursing homes, how dangerous is this to our elderly and disableds?

  1. The question that comes up most is HOW IN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THE BAIL OUTS?

    The solution is quite simple.

    By law – all persons who aid and abet a ‘tort’ or a ‘crime’ are co conspirators (see 18 USCA 371. Co conspirators share and share alike – they have joint and several liability.

    Thus, when the bad guys traffic in the elderly, all profits of any kind and nature are TAXABLE INCOME under both Federal and State Law. Let’s take a look at a typical human trafficking case. Who are the villains?

    1) actor – usually the guardian.

    Who appoints the guardian and is supposed to supervise him/her?

    2) Judge.

    Who gives the Judge a list of the people to choose as Guardians?

    3) the Political elite.

    Who supervises the Courts to prevent Fraud?

    4) the Attorney General and/or the States Attorney

    Who facilitates the guardian’s criminal conduct?

    5) the attorneys representing the guardian, the guardian ad litem (in the Sykes case we had two).

    How do you keep the ward, the ward’s family, and the do gooders at bay? You intimidate or otherwise prevent local attorneys from giving adequate legal representation to any person who might object to the human trafficking in the elderly. Who does this?

    6) In Illinois we have the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. We have Jerome larkin, who equates the exposure of criminal conduct by judges to “yelling fire in a crowded theater” and being “dangerous to the public. He has at his disposal attorneys who have sold their souls to the corruption god! We also have the Illinois Supreme Court jurists who ignore their Constitutional responsibilities.

    It is interesting that the Chicago Tribune is disinterested in this part of the human trafficking saga – of course we know why! We also know that the Tribune went from one of the Nation’s most respected newspapers to a zero that its owners are attempting to dump! But no one appears to be interested. Maybe if they showed an interest in the judicial corruption that is creating the American Holocaust and making it unsafe to grow old in Illinois ******.

    Oh well – the C19 Virus and the lack of supervision of the nursing home industry make the prospect of being elderly archaic.

    Ken Ditkowsky

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