From Cook County court, closed for 30 days

I was down at court on Thursday, March 19, 2020, and a sign was posted that the court was closed for 30 days (civil cases only) and the clerk told me that they would be sending out “postcards” to all litigant pro se and attorneys to reset the court dates.

She suggested I refile my motion to get a new court day at the end of the 30 day period, presumably to get the next available date.

The clerks are coming out to meet people in the hall who have questions for many of the divisions and then they send out one brave clerk.

I believe the Appellate Court division is not delayed or closed down, there are no announcements there.

Please email me if you are able to get further information.

2 thoughts on “From Cook County court, closed for 30 days

  1. File another motion to get a court date? Lots of work for them and for you. And NOW they are worried about putting elders in danger? They should have worried about that years ago — before assigning them phony guardians. Oh well.

    • So far I have seen the judges do very little to protect an elder in an abusive nursing home. They just don’t seem to care. One Judge, Carolyn Quinn told poor Joyce Kettlehut to come back for an “emergency motion” 3 days later when her mom needed an immediate blood transfusion because NW Mem. Hospital had overdosed her on heparin. Since when is an “emergency motion” 3 days for a 98 year old woman? well she died by then and neither the OPG nor the Judge seemed to care, as if this was not their problem. You are absolutely correct. They made no provision for elders and the disableds in abusive gships.

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