From KD: Media blackout on Esformes Case $1 Billion hidden from the public in health care fraud.

It is interesting to see the almost total media blackout on the case of the Century.    Philip Esformes was being tried in the Southern District of Florida (Miami) for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds.   (Yes – 9 zeroes! one thousand million dollars).
The case is a smorgasbord as to steal a billion dollars Philip had to have alliances with the POLITICAL ELITE, the Judicial elite, and every corruptible segment of society.   Indeed, the Esformes empire included nursing homes in Florida, Illinois, Missouri etc and corruption that was almost unbelievable.
Previously in the Alice Gore case and others we noted the relationship between GUARDIANSHIP and the HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the Elderly, but, in this criminal proceeding an opportunity was presented for exposing all the felonies of ELDER CLEANSING and the entire corruption required to foster the criminal enterprise.
Here in Illinois ‘guardianship’ is a key element in the Elder Cleansing – human trafficking in the elderly movement.   755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 sets the criteria and 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 sets the jurisdictional limitations and procedure.   The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 on its face demonstrates the corruption of the system.    For instance, in every lawsuit the matter starts with the service of summons.   The Sheriff has denied summons being served.   The statute requires the summons to be unique and specifies how it is unique.   The clerks’ office was not distributing such a summons, and the file indicates that not only was such a summons not tendered to the sheriff to serve, but the petitioner seeking to be appointed guardian made certain that Mary was not served – she attempted to serve summons at an address she knew Mary did not reside at.
The Petitioner knew, because she had Mary isolated in her (the Petitioner’s) home.   The Judge was also aware of this corruption – she appointed a 2nd GAL because GAL number 1 did not want to go out to DuPage County to interview Mary.   There are other substantial corruptions connoted such as the fact that the Judge never held a hearing required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3, or the Fifth and 14th Amendment and thus there was no prior notice to the next of Kin (also required by statute and jurisdictional).    (It was believed that the Esformes machine was also involved in this case).
The blogs AAAPG (Dr. Sam Sugar), NASGA, Probate Sharks, and MaryGSykes all detail the scandal.    The New Yorker, the NY Times and even the Wall Street Journal have detailed this horrific amorality and scandal, BUT in a manner characterized as benign neglect and reasonably calculated to not disturb the status quo.
A docket entry appears to indicate that Mr. Esformes is changing his plea and the case is terminating.   If Mr. Esformes is going to co-operate with the United States of America it would behoove the 2nd oldest profession to lead in the HONEST INVESTIGATION and give meaning to the oath that every lawyer takes as a condition to be admitted to the bar.
Currently,  the public is aware that when Lawyer JoAnne Denison disclosed the corruption that is essential to ELDER CLEANSING and the human trafficking in the elderly, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission sought an emergency suspension of her law license.   The IARDC characterized the disclosure of corruption on the bench to be akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”   The Illinois Supreme Court infamously agreed.    Of course there was no hue and cry from the profession!
However, a second chance is being made available.   The profession can accept its position of benign neglect of its oath and responsibility or it can redeem itself.    The first act, in my opinion, would be to broadcast the revelations of this trial to the profession so that IT can ferret out HEALTH CARE FELONIES and those who are robbing our government.
NB.  I do not expect much from the Political elite – but, as we all get old and infirm – and thus potential victims – we have personal interests to consider.    An Esformes co-conspirator made it clear – the miscreants consider us to be a commodity!

Ken Ditkowsky

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