From KD: $1 Billion health care fraud scheme ends today with plea deal

I have no idea why major news media isn’t covering this story,  but you all know from my blog and FB page that Ken Ditkowsky and I have been following the Philip Esformes Trial.

Apparently, he has made a plea deal to a life sentence and to refund $1 Billion to Medicare/Medicaid.

Others were involved in this scheme and entered into plea deals.

Phillip Esformes and his family and friends operated nursing homes in the Mimi Dade area and over billed, double billed, submitted false and fraudulent bills.

The Larkin Hospital was involved, but I don’t know if the owner/operators are related to Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC, which would explain a whole lot of why Jerome Larkin (together with Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryszek) went after me and Ken for publishing about the Mary Sykes case (a woman stripped of all her assets, forced into a nursing home and who was murdered in the end, with food and water being withdrawn while under heavy sedation).

It probably all does tie together, but the FBI/DOJ has this information and they’re not sharing.

Also, Phillip and Morris Esformes ran these fraudulent operations in Chicago and in many other areas, so don’t feel sorry PE was charged with $1 B in fraud and had to pay $1 B in fraud, because this case was only about one limited area for about 5 years.  News articles indicate this has been going on for decades in numerous areas by the Esformes fraud friends and family program.

here is one article on the trial:

here is another case on how dirty Esformes fraud money was laundered to getting some dumb kid into an Ivy League school (not surprised)

(aren’t we tired of stupid kids getting a mass money fraud pass into Ivy League schools?)

Here is yet another article describing how patients were discharged from Larkin hospital in Miami, shuffled off to nursing home and assisted living for bribes (often described as escort services or charitable donations), and then never received the care they needed, but of course Medicare/Medicaid was billed for it.

I understand that numerous others have pled in this $1 Billion Esformes scandal.  The worst part about all of this is that it victimized the elderly and disabled, the most vulnerable of US citizens–and they were either denied services they desperately needed, or they received services they did not need, including false amputations for diabetes they never had and heart procedures when they had no heart disease, etc.

I am most gratefule that the DOJ/FBI and HHS is cleaning up this mess.

This is the major and no. 1 reason why we don’t have Universal Health Care–it’s because of this type of massive fraud.

The FBI/DOJ – HHS fraud team recovers $8 for every $1 spent on prosecutions. This needs to be expanded.  Clearly health care payments via Medicare and Medicaid need a whole lot more oversight.

Videos actually exist on youtube explaining how one person can easily bilk the US govt for fake Medicare/Medicaid claims of $1 to $2 million in a month or two and the leave the US without a trace.  (No, I will not publish the URLs to these videos, they’re shameful but a good example of what is going on in US healthcare today).

Here is yet another article on the schemes:

you can google Esforme and trial or plea deal or a number of phrases to find mostly micro media and blogs on this issue, but the real question is why is the mega media silent on $1 Billion + in fraud?

3 thoughts on “From KD: $1 Billion health care fraud scheme ends today with plea deal

    • you are right. and the media blackout continues but ME is in jail right now and nursing homes in the US are still a horrid mess and no one writes about them, well except for a few blogs

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