From KKD: Why are Illinois courts (state and fed) ignoring the ADA?

Assisted living facilities required to comply with ADA

The article that I am forwarding is important in that it confirms that the assisted living facilities are indeed ADA protected areas.
what this means is that the entity as a whole must meet ADA standards and that those who deal with it are subject to Federal Regulation.
The long and short of this ruling is that when a relative of a person who has been human trafficked by a Court appointed guardian complains that his/her relative is being dehumanized by the Court System, the facility, and the corruption in the Courts ( i.e. the guardian and the supervising judge) THIS IS NOT JUST A PROBATE MATTER SUBJECT to an appeal in the State court.   The mandate of ADA is Federal and the Justice Department has a responsibility to protect the elderly so that they (in the words of the authorizing statute for a guardianship) can enjoy the fruits of citizenship alleviating the disability to the extent practical.
It is obvious that the act of placing a feeding tube into a senior so as to accommodate a lack of desire on the part of a nursing home to provide services to the elderly is NOT just inhumane, but a violation of ADA.    The HELEN STONE case should under this ruling be considered by the DOJ, and the criminal actions that her daughter Barbara has had to endure are FEDERAL CRIMES for which the Judge, the guardian, and the 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators should be subje ct to severed punishment.
Unfortunately the real issue that is presented by this judge’s decision is not the scope of ADA – the text makes the decision obvious, but the WILL of the Political establishment to do more than provide senior citizens with lip service and the INTEGRITY of the media.   Will the media report the news – or the rationalizations and the distortions that they are based upon in places like South Florida = 12 dead in Hollywood Hills so that a nursing home operator did not need to spend the money on a generator of have to take them literally across the street to safety as might jeopardize his Government Health care payments.    In Illinois, California, New York ****
The laws are in force – WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN AN HONEST INVESTIGATION followed by indictments, (if the evidence of wrongdoing is found) and HONEST PROSECUTION of the felonies committed?
Yes – I know I am writing to the choir – but the DOJ, the FBI, IRS, law enforcement **** should not be the choir – they should be providing the music that maes the miscreants dance to their tune.  Make them sing to the authorities.  The media should be the vocal accompaniment – not the cover-up for the POLITICAL ELITE.
ADA should not be thrown away, feel good legislation enforced only to embarrass a political enemy.
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