From FB: Atty Schwarz of NC able to save 2 kids from DCFS perfidy

Everyone welcome South Carolina Attorney Ryan Schwartz and congratulation on his win for the parents.

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Ryan Schwartz is in Charleston, South Carolina.

Today was the highlight of my legal career. On May 8, 2017 my client’s child was taken away by DSS after they rushed their infant child to the hospital after they discovered a swollen leg. They had their child taken away after it was discovered he had 16 fractures but never any bruises or ANY evidence of child abuse. They not only had their child taken from them for two years (only seeing him 2 hours a month at the DSS building and supervised) they missed his first words and steps and they were humiliated in the news when they were arrested and charged with child abuse. It took a lot of work, late nights and a ton of research and help from great friends but today we were able to wrap up a three day trial where the Department of Social Services attempted to terminate their parental rights forever and adopt out their child. At the end of trial DSS was ordered to return the child immediately and pay for their counseling for the next year. People told me this was not a winnable case. They were wrong and we proved them wrong. It was clear from day 1 this child had medical conditions that caused the breaks and we proved that in court. Don’t always believe what you see in TV or read in the papers! @ Charleston, South Carolina couldn’t have done it without Abigail DuffyJohn DuffyWebster Phoebe Finn and Bill “cool hand Luke” Nixon.

Here was the original news sorry:…/charleston-infant-suffered-16-broken…

Don’t believe everything you read!

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