From EF: On Wells Fargo and Mortgage Fraud in Illinois=where is her property?

Dear All,
I am going to appear before Judge Thomas Allen to present a Motion to reinstate my case against Wells Fargo bank and reverse VOID orders entered by a cohort of corrupt Illinois Judges, most of whom received substantial amounts of money from Wells Fargo lawyers Mayer Brown LLP.
I will report  how Judge Thomas Allen will proceed in my case and whose side he will take – the LAW and INTEGRITY or ??????
In US Bank v. Pote2017 IL App (1st) 162077 Justice David Ellis (Mr. Madigan’s crony who approved my text-book fraudulent foreclosure in favor of a fake Plaintiff in my 2014 Appeal Case, without key evidence)  confirmed:” It is true that, when a judgment is void, it may be attacked at any time”.
But when I as a ProSe bring the same argument, supported  by a mountain of evidence and a load of binding precedents, I am ALWAYS subjected to endless judicial  threats, bullying, and harassment while Wells Fargo and their lawyers never able to produce even a copy of documents based on which Judge Senechalle helped them to steal my property. 
It  is absolutely obvious that Illinois Court operates on double standards; and deny ProSe litigants any protection under the law while  prefer to serve only those who pay judges directly – banks and their lawyers. 
I also want to comment  on Wells Fargo bank’s most recent statement  that they “accidentally” foreclosed 400 homeowners due to a years-long “computer glitch”. This is a most cynical lie I ever heard from Wells Fargo.  (please read recent cases attached by links)  Wells Fargo and their legal gangs committed endless fraud upon the Court; forgeries; perjuries. In my case lawyer Douglas Oliver lied 7 times on 3 pages claim, and ARDC dismissed all my complaints against  Wells Fargo’s lawyers, so Oliver  now leads  a famous McCalla/ Pierce legal mob).
An African American immigrant got 6 years in jail for “perjury”  when he told  Judge Lynch  that his niece is not married while she purportedly was.  Lawyer Douglas Oliver filed forged Assignment and relentlessly  lied that he represents the Plaintiff, Deutsche Bank (not a plaintiff), whom  Oliver never represented because he was hired by Wells Fargo; and that MERS (not a mortgagee) transferred its “interest” to a “current mortgage” Deutsche Bank (lie again) – and Wells Fargo  walked away with my property without telling me a single word because this entire mob action was orchestrated and enabled  by JUDGES.
Wells Fargo and their lawyers laundered trillions of dark money though  US Court system for Wells’  Gigantic $5.3 trillion Ponzi scam;  fraudulently foreclosed millions of American to STEAL their properties for very shady  investors, who can be anyone – even drug cartels.
These properties were illegally resold to third parties, while shady investors failed to register void US Securities (fake REMIC Trusts mortgages) purchased from Wells Fargo on foreign exchange markets,  without ANY registration with US authorities, which makes about 100% of all foreclosure sales essentially void.
Judges and the Government repeatedly aided and abetted Wells Fargo Ponzi scam, which caused enormous damages to our economy, created a huge number of homeless, and ruined public confidence in justice, resulting  in a skyrocketing level of violent crimes (over 150 people were shot between Aug 3-23 in Chicago, at least 18 killed, including Wells Fargo top lawyer Shapiro). Here are no safe area in Chicago; and the Government already cannot control this situation.  
It is clear for everybody (except judges, of course, specially those whose elections bankrolled by banks and their lawyers), that Judicial support to WFB’s fraud defeats the substantial ends of justice; and rewards parties who have played a major and unlawful role in the theft of someone’s home. 
The legal setbacks have demoralized homeowners and their attorneys and caused them to question the integrity of justice system. Some attorneys say courts exhibit an institutional bias in favor of the banks [1]  which has done enormous damage to the economy.
It was very clear that there is one form of justice for the small borrower and another form of justice for the moneyed interests,” said attorney Adams (CA). “It pains me to say that, but having seen the real estate debacle and the judiciary’s protection of these fraudulent practices[.].” [2]Lawyer Weidner (FL) said “ One of the very worst elements that has been introduced into the whole of the judicial system is systematic fraud and forgery that have been not just ignored, but supported by the judicial system .”[..] “The banks position was, “just ignore the obvious fraud and forgery.”  
And the trial judge rewarded their fraud and forgery with a Final Judgment [3].
 Pennsylvania attorneys claim that JUDGES knowingly and intentionally created foreclosures in Family court. See link below.
In Hawaii Third Circuit Court judges engaged in foreclosure fraud and judicial corruption . In the case (see link below) has been ongoing for eleven years and serves as a study of how political influence over justice is regularly administered in “paradise.” Here, on the Big Island of Hawaii, people’s lives and families are ruined as their real estate is regularly stolen by “bar members” administering white collar organized crimes. 
Moreover, people in ALL States are repeatedly asking WHERE ARE THE  MONEY from the National Mortgage Settlement???
(Pennsylvania Bulletin: T o add salt to the wound, no one knows where the money went from the Department of Justice Settlement, that was awarded to the State of Pennsylvania.  There are outstanding Right to Know requests trying to obtain that information. In  many states such as California- law suits have been filed because the money went into the pockets of politicians, instead of the intended recipients that were damaged by bank fraud.  In a state that got an “F” from the Center for Public Integrity- what else would you expect in Pennsylvania?)
No one in Illinois knows where are $2.8 billion received by Lisa Madigan (whose father helped at least 85-90 % of all sitting IL Judges to get judicial seats), most of which disappeared in her hands, and I guess were diverted to enrich Madigan’s clout, some sort of a free  “grant” to turn a blind eye to gigantic money laundering and foreclosures mill operated by Mr. Madigan’s judicial cronies in IL Court system.
The worst part of this scam that its about to collapse at any minute;  and dwarf 2006 crisis.
According to most recent cases, investors and insurers finally woke up and realized that their  money were stolen by banks; and now insurers are on the hook to cover for banks’ fraud upon the Court with their fake REMIC Trusts, approved by judges.
The most recent case was filed in NY on August 16, 2018, AMBAC v. Deutsche bank, N.T. where Ambac asked a New York federal court Thursday to release it from an obligation to insure some of the $900 million in losses suffered by a residential mortgage-backed securities trust managed by Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., saying the banking giant did not hold the underlying loan issuer accountable.
This case  provides additional support  that the Plaintiff in my case, Trust GSAMP 2006FM1 is a scam to defraud investors, insurers and homeowners. The entire securitization scheme was built on layers of false information and false premises. A false sale was created with fabricated documentation. The originator never owned the loan, but rather served as a sham conduit for another conduit masquerading as an aggregator for an investment bank masquerading as an underwriter (and Master Servicer) and using the name of a nonexistent fictitiously named trust. Even insurers realized that they were defrauded with banks’ bogus “securitization”. 
Worth to mention, on December 4, 2013 I told Judge Senechalle (Madigan’s crony) that decision entered by Judge Rooney (Madigan’s crony) was void because the Plaintiff (Trust GSAMP 2006FM1) does not exists. Senechalle laughed in my face and said  “Deutsche Bank does not exist?”   – while I  said that the TRUST does not exist.
Clearly, Judge Senechalle not only extraordinary corrupt and dishonest  jurist, but also professionally incompetent because he should know that the “Plaintiff” in my case was a the TRUST, while Wells Fargo was posing as Deutsche Bank,  a fictitious “Trustee” .
Recently  Servicer Ocwen complained that certain companies  engaged in “ a covert criminal conspiracy” through “ devious, criminal and unlawful scheme   which was “wrong in every respect – legal, contractual, public policy and moral”, and hired  Servicers, (like WFB) who would support  their “ruthless strategy  for “ gouging enormous profits from the forced foreclosures and confiscation of the homes of hundreds of thousands of struggling families”; to “reap ill-gotten gains by relentlessly and unlawfully pursuing foreclosures ”. Erbey Holding v. BlackRock, filed on April 12, 2018 in Virgin Islands Court.
Ocwen confirmed that Defendants were well aware that their ruthless strategy was contrary to the laws, regulations and policy of the United States, well-established industry standards and contractual obligations explicitly provided for in the governing MBS and mortgage servicing documents.”  
So, even OCWEN and Insurers claim that REMIC Trusts are fakes and foreclosures mill operated by certain Servicers in US Courts is fraudulent and criminal.
But every foreclosure requires a Court order signed by a judge to proceed. I am wondering that was judges’ rationale when they approved these wrong in every respect – legal, contractual, public policy and moral foreclosures, contrary to the laws, regulations and policy, and confiscated the homes from struggling families for banks and their fake Trusts solely operated as a Ponzi scam with thin-air derivatives? Are these orders valid?
According to most recent case decided on Aug. 22, 2018 in GA Appeal Court, MCGinnis v. Am. Home Mortgage Servicing, the homeowner was awarded $3.6 million damages. 
In Wells Fargo Bank v. Riley (FL), Dec. 2017, Court holds after trial that the homeowner prevails due to Plaintiff Wells Fargo had unclean hands. The opinion noted, “even if Plaintiff had standing to foreclose [.], Plaintiff would be denied the equitable relief of foreclosure upon a finding that Plaintiff took action in pursuing this foreclosure that reasonable and honest men would condemn.”
Judge Boyko (OH) ruled “courts must act as gatekeepers, because “this Court possesses the []obligations to preserve.. integrity” because the “ judicial  integrity of the US[.]Court is ‘Priceless”. 2007 WL 4056586 (S.D. Ohio, Nov. 15, 2007).
I don’t know that happened to judicial integrity in Illinois Court, but all orders entered in case 11-CH-28887 by Judge Senechalle;  approved by Appeal Court and supported by Judge Der-Yeghian are void orders since they were procured by a classic fraud upon the Court; due to  the only reason  –  judges are corrupt , extremely bias against ProSe litigants; and very supportive to well-connected lawyers, especially those who bankroll judicial elections.
This ill-driven practices must be stopped immediately.
I respectfully request to re-open and investigate Wells Fargo bank’s  compliance with Nat’l Mortgage Settlement and ORDER them to provide  REAL compensation for damages directly to homeowners, at least the  amount of full price for each stolen by Wells Fargo property.

When WFB steal hundreds of billions  and pay a fine that is a small percentage of what they stole that only gives the thieves incentive to steal even more.



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