FB request: Where to find Illinois Rules of Court–go fish in 5 places

The Illinois Rules of Court are confusing, not all in one convenient place and disorganized.

Women like organization, so I am appalled.

Here are the 5 places to check before you file anything in an Illinois court.

Always check before you file:

  1.  Supreme Court of Illinois Rules:  SCOI has a set of rules they like.
  2.  Illinois Code of Civil Procedure:  the State Legislature passes Rule for Court that they like.  While these don’t seem to overlap, why aren’t these two state organizations organizing the rules?
  3.  Cook County Rules of Court:  Timothy Evans and his Judges’ committee passes our local Rules of Court which means Cook County and the Suburban Court System get rules. Well SCOI and the legislature get to pass rules, so they need to have a whack at it.
  4. Cook County Rules:  Even more confusing, each of the districts in Cook County gets to have their own rules of court. For example:  in Cook County you can bring in laptops and cell phones. In outlying courts you can’t.  Go figure. They say it’s for “safety purposes” but I think that’s nonsense. No studies have been done.  It was all anecdotes when they implemented these rules.  Further, they made no evaluation of lesser restrictive rules to accomplish any alleged safety concerns.  I vote political BS or nonsense.
  5.  My fav, the judge’s website.  Here is where you will find when to bring courtesy copies, where to bring them, how many days you have to serve courtesy copies and all sorts of minutia BS. But if you don’t know it, your judge might fall into grudgeland against you.  Joke:  what’s the diff between a liberal and a conservative judge?  Answer: a liberal judge only holds a grudge against you for violating his/her rules for 30 days; a conservative judge will take 5 to 10 lawsuits to forgive a grudge.


Any way, that’s my humor and info for the day.

Why can’t they just KISS? esp for the pro se’er’s out there. Keep it Simple, Stupid.


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