From Ken Ditkowsky–why is the ARDC continuing to pretend that the Sykes case was okay when it was not and filled with corruption?

The RULE OF LAW is clear and unequivocal.     When Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission equated the blog MARYGSYKES with ” yelling fire in a crowded theater” and materially misrepresent the SCOTUS decision in Alvarez, 132 S.CT. 2537 (2012), he demonstrated a measure of corruption and ignorance that was heretofore unprecedented in American Law.    When the Supreme Court of Illinois accepted Larkin’s demand it demonstrated that at least in Illinois the Justice System was in dire trouble.    Indeed, the fact that the POLITICAL & the JUDICIAL elite have not rectified this ASSAULT ON AMERICA’S CORE VALUES is quite ‘telling!’      NB.   In a society that gives more than lip service to HONOR, Honesty, and its CONSTITUTION public officials who dishonor the PUBLIC TRUST are removed from office in disgrace – a cover-up is unacceptable.
The forgoing not withstanding the SCOTUS has been a stanch defender of the FIRST AMENDMENT and our CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS.    (The problem is that it takes so few cases that great unwashed’s rights continue to be trampled upon because that are just so many public officials who misuse their public positions and the public trust – and get away with it.     It is my opinion that the Trump election was a proximate cause of the fact that many Americans are tired of the corruption Political elite AND really want the swamp drained!)
The decisions of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) affirming out Liberty and human rights have not dissipated or gone un=noticed by all within the Judicial Community.      The ABA’s blog today reports a 9th Circuit Judge actually adhering to the Rule of Law, to wit:

Law allowing actors to censor publication of their ages violates First Amendment, judge rules

POSTED FEBRUARY 21, 2018, 11:55 AM CST

IMDb logo/Twitter.

A federal judge in San Francisco has overturned a California law that gives actors the power to remove information about their age from online profiles on the IMDb website.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria ruled that the law is a direct restriction on truthful speech that violates the First Amendment, report the RecorderBuzzFeed NewsCourthouse News Service, the Hollywood Reporter and the Associated Press.

The law was intended to combat age discrimination in the movie industry, according to California and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. But that argument, if successful, “would enable states to forbid publication of virtually any fact,” Chhabria said in Tuesday’s opinion.

“That a third party could misuse truthful information is almost never sufficient to justify suppression of that information,” Chhabria wrote.

The actual problem the state is trying to solve, Chhabria said, is sex discrimination. The problem, he said, is “the movie industry’s insistence on objectifying women, overvaluing their looks while devaluing everything else,” he wrote.

The law requires online entertainment employment service providers, such as IMDb, to remove age-related information from an online profile at the request of a paid subscriber, even if the information was supplied by another source.

Alvarez is broader than the Judge states — even untruthful speech is protected by the First Amendment.    Government is not in the business of regulating speech!
Granted it may not be POLITICALLY CORRECT to expose criminal or other unethical conduct on the part of Judges and other members of the Judicial elite, but it is a major assault on America for government officials (such as Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court) to attempt to cover-up the same conduct.    In its ethical rules, the Illinois Supreme Court (Rule 8.3) requires such reporting — but apparently – and in fact – any such report of judicial misconduct is according to Larkin and the Supreme Court the functional equivalent of “yelling fire in a crowded theater!” and such a danger to the public that the offending lawyers is subject to immediate suspension of his/her law license in Illinois.

From Joanne:

And Ken, I want you to note that the ARDC continues to toss out valid complaints against attorneys, while viciously prosecuting attorneys like you, myself and Amu who publish entirely truthful information about embarassing cases, judges and attorneys.

We have entered a new era of truth and justice and the ARDC is operating in the old energy of lies, deception and injustice, which is no longer successful and will not survive.

The new generation is coming in and demanding truth and justice.  Within 10 years, all of these young people who are disgusted with the perfidy of the older generation will be admitted to the bar, and if the ARDC wants to see what is coming in and they think you, I and Mr. Amu are nothing but oodles of trouble, just wait.

Many young people I talk to (age 15 to 29) are thoroughly disgusted with the legal system, the medical system, the political system, etc. and they won’t stand for this nonsense.  If you will recall, it became quickly known throughout the world that kids who walked early, talked early, began reading without a teacher or school, seem to “know” math, science, physics and were called “indigos” and “crystals” and gave their bad teachers sh** all the time, are now becoming adults and they continue to not like what they see in this world and they were put here to change it.  The old bad energy cannot hide from them.

They want all the older generation covering up the lies, perfidy and deception to be hogtied to a rail, tarred and feathered and run out of town.

It’s coming.  I talk to a lot of young people in their 20’s.  They are far more militant about truth, justice, kindness, compassion for the elderly and young than you or I.

The old bad energy is going to die off soon and all I can say is “good riddance”.



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