From DH–how his perfectly valid complaint about Probate Court corruption has been ignored by all the authorities

On January 8, 2018, Daniel Houlihan faxed a perfctly valid complaint regarding corruption in the Cook County Court System to the JIB and all the authorities from presiding judge Timothy Evans, the states attorneys, the FBI and the White House.  It is shown below:


Daniel T HoulihanDaniel T Houlihanphone: 847 990 0947410 Western #409DesPlaines, IL 60018
Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board100 W. Randolph St, Suite 14-500Chicago, IL 60601phone: 312 824 5554Fax no. 312 814 5519
January 4, 2018


RE: Judge Lynn O’Malley, Cook County Case No. 2012 P 2221 Estate of Patrick Houlihan, Deceased
Dear Madam/Sir;
I would like to file a complaint against the above judge.  Not only did she break a land trust and give property directly to my sister without putting it into the estate as she should have, but she engaged in docket tampering, changed court dates on me, denied my right to my hearing on removing my sister as Administrator of my father’s estate (Patrick Houlihan), she denied all my objections to the Administrator’s Final Accounting, and then closed the Estate. On October 13, 2016, opposing counsel attorney Blocher set a date of December 13, 2016 for hearing on Son Daniel Houlihan’s (“Son Daniel”), pleadings, namely, his Objections to the Third Accounting and to the closing of the Estate.  The court, however, docketed the date for Dec. 14, 2016 at 2 pm.  I was unaware of the discrepancy in docketing of dates, until the day before the hearing when a witness called me and said that he was not going to come because the computer docket showed a date different than the date in the Order of Dec. 13, 2016. (Exhibit B, hereto). On Dec. 13, 2016, I showed up in court prior to noon and talked to the clerk about the discrepancy. The clerk told me she had been made aware of the discrepancy, and that she had corrected the error “4 hours earlier.”  It is not known at this time whether the clerk changed the docket of her own accord, or whether she was told to do so by Judge O’Malley.I then told the clerk that I would appear on Dec. 14, 2016 at 2 pm as the computer properly showed the date for the hearing and ask for a continuance.  I filed and served on that date Motion for a Continuance to be heard on Dec. 14, 2016, because at the time of writing of that pleading, the computer showed a court date set for Dec. 14, 2016 and not Dec. 13, 2016.  At the same time, I explained to the clerk that he had been told many times before by the judge, that if a matter was not on the computer docket, for whatever reason, it could not be heard and the docket can never be changed.  That would be improper. On Dec. 13, 2016, after the docket had been changed that day, Opposing counsel Blocher entered the attached Exhibit A, which Judge O’Malley vacated because the date of Dec. 13, 2016 never appeared on the computer docket until Dec. 13, 2016 in the morning according to the clerk. According, the Order is improper and must be vacated, and the Hearing on the Objections to the Third Accounting must be rescheduled and witnesses subpoenaed for a new trial date. In addition, there were some questionable bank records regarding numerous checks which Judge O’Malley would not give me time to investigatea) David Blocher – no fee petition, no notice, Judge O’Malley just finds fees are reasonable in summary order.  Attorneys fees. $19,776.70 check no. 5025 dated 7/12/16b) Attorney Tom Paris, attorneys fees, no fee petition. No notice.  Objections filed and ignored.  $3,000.00, check #5142 on 6/22/15c) Attorney Tom Paris, attorneys fees, no court order, no fee petition. $5,000.00 check #5049 dated 4/4/2014d) son Brian Soraghan,$3,000.00  check 5026 dated 8/9/16, no court order for this disbursement (Brain Soraghan is not an heir, he is a grandchild and all grandchildren were specifically disinherited in Patrick Houlihan’s will.  Brian Soraghan is the Executrix’s son)e) checks to Kathleen Bucholz (wife): check no. 5121 for $4,624.00Check no. 212 for $4,624.00Check no. 213 for $4,624.00–from a Trust Account held only in the name of Patrick HoulihanThese checks were never approved by the probate court, were never put on the accounting and the disbursements were never explained.  They were objected to but Judge O’Malley ignored the objections.F) payment to Executrix of $15,000.  No petition, no notice, objection filed there is not detailed statement of Exeuctrix’s work but Judge O’Malley approves these in a summary order. Prior to the Estate being closed I asked for 60 days to reset the hearing date and denied my request to hear my petition to remove the Administrator.  I asked for a Petition for Letters of Office so that I could properly prepare accountings and distribute the assets of the Estate.In addition, I objected to the payment of any Attorneys Fees to Opposing Counsel Blocher  inasmuch as there was a Petition filed for Waste and Mismanagement by the Executrix, and if Breach of Fiduciary Duty is found, then Deborah Soraghan should have paid those fees.  In addition, Deborah Soraghan asked for $15,000 in Executor Fees, but filed no detailed time records of the dates, times and amounts of hours spent has been filed by her.  The Judge approved this payment regardless of my protestations..In support of my complaint against this Judge:
Exhibit A – Order of Oct. 13, 2016 setting hearing date for Dec. 13, 2016Exhibit B – Until Dec. 13, 2016 when docket was changed by Judge/Clerk, the court’s docket showed a hearing date of Dec. 14, 2016 which was an errorExhibit C – Computer printout of Court Docket showing hearing date of Dec. 13, 2016.It should also be noted for the record, that none of this was my fault.  I had prepared witnesses and exhibits for trial, I had been told by the judge a case could not be called unless it was on the docket, and yet when I appeared at noon on Dec. 13, 2016, no one apologized for the error, all that happened was the docket was changed, and all my hard work came for naught.Exhibit D – Objections to Final AccountingExhibit E – Motion for a Continuance
I believe that this Judge is corrupt and should have been removed from my case, and all her rulings should be overturned. Very Truly Yours,
Daniel T. Houlihancc: 1 ) FBI via email2) Lisa Madigan Illinois Atty General fax 312 814 38063) US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, via USPS mail4) Kim Foxx, States Atty fax 312 603 47085)  Illinois Office of Inspector General Cook County Fax 312 603 97446)  Chicago Police, 1st Dist. Commander Robert Klich Fax 312 745 36497)  Timothy Evans, Presiding Judge Cook County Court System fax 312 603 53668) Office of Inspector General State of Illinois fax 312 814-8444

A set of Exhibits were attached detailing all aspects of the crimes committed (stealing of estate assets, docket tampering, spoliation of evidence, denial of due process)

Now below are the response letters he received wherein all of these authorities admitted they will do nothing about the crimes which have occurred against him:

The real question is why are these elected people being paid for doing nothing where some $300,000 is missing from an estate.

Same for the case of Sykes ($3 million missing and unaccounted for and never investigated and Mary Sykes eventually murdered in probate guardianship), Jay Brouckmeersch (murdered in probate and never investigated after complaints filed), Irwanna Lahoody ($600k missing from a joint account and never investigated).

The pattern is absolutely ridiculous.

Who in their right mind would pay these people a dime for looking the other way when crimes are being committed, and that means MAJOR crimes, not petty thefts.




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