From KKD: Health care fraud needs more attention

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 9:49 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:


A great number of problems exist and we have encouraged official corruption by making it very profitable.   The Health care industry has become the chosen profession of the corrupt political elite (and judicial elite) as there is so much money to steal.   The problem starts to dissipate if we start enforcing the laws as enacted by the sundry legislatures and start taxing the booty obtained by not only the miscreants, but those who cover up for them.
Let me give you an example.   Guardianship is a home grown industry.   Grab a elderly person and immediately you have two income sources – 1) the health care insurance – Federal and Insurance, and 2) the assets owned by the victim.   The guardian has a clear shot at the victim’s assets as the ‘wired’ court by rote approves all the accountings of the guardian, and by sharing (we call it kickback) health care providers are ready to jimmy bills and services to make then extremely profitable.   They add the 700% fraud penalty.   Everyone who matters profits.   The political machine in particular gets it share and work is provided for lawyers, judges, political hacks of all sizes and shapes etc.   The only losers do not complain – i.e. the victim (and her family) and the government (the government is used to being screwed).
The political people also profit by the fact that the 1 8 UsCA 371 co-conspirator (nursing home operator) makes certain that 100% of the residents VOTE for the dominant Political Party (usually the Democrats).   No one is embarrassed when 150 out of 150 residents VOTE for the same candidates – all of whom happen to be from the dominant political party election after election.     THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
This is the genesis of our problem.   A single patient housed in a nursing home can generate on the average a conservative profit of approximately $10,000 per month!   The profit can be enhanced by pharmaceutical charges — we have an opioid crisis — Medicare pays to get grandma addicted!   The IRS and the State Taxing organizations have not been bothering to collect the taxes interest and penalties due!    (Every co-conspirator has joint and several personal liability for the taxes!)  
The recent enforcement is encouraging – but it is still too slow!   The fraudsters are a major threat to America’s core values and as lethal as any other terrorists!      

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