From BL/FB; Protect this civil right attorney disbarred for protecting civil rights in divorce/custody cases

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This is the second petition that I have created for Civil Rights Attorney, Patricia Barry. Ms. Barry was unlawfully disbarred on June 30, 2017 and she is now suing the State Bar.  She has not engaged in any illegal or any kind of unethical misconduct. Ms. Barry was the attorney who successfully argued the first sexual harassment case in the United States Supreme Court in 1986. She is being discriminated against due to bias because she chooses to represent the protective parents which are mostly women/mothers who have been victims of domestic violence who are trying to protect their children from child abuse by the fathers. Ms. Barry has been under attack by the State Bar throughout her career (41 years) for “bucking the system” and taking action against the corruption and bias within our Family Law Courts and Child Protective Services (CPS). Let us ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ stand UNITED to fight the State Bar so that Pat Barry will have her license reinstated to practice law again. Thank you for your help and support in this very important and urgent matter. Pat has selected a few particular cases which explains the reasons for her disbarment.  Here are the following cases she has chosen to share:

WHEREAS, the California State Bar relied on three cases spanning a period of almost seventeen years to disbar Ms. Barry in all three of which she represented a domestic violence victim trying to regain custody of her children from their abuser, the father. The client did not complain to the Bar.

WHEREAS, FIRST OFFENSE, JULY 2000: CAROL MARDEUSZ sought ex parte order to regain custody of her daughter from the abuser LEO MAGERS. The mother was criminally prosecuted for doing so with Barry acting as co-counsel in Carol’s criminal case. Barry was held in contempt by Marin County Judge Verna Adams in July 2000. Judge Adams found Barry in contempt in part and put her in a jail cell because Barry stated in front of the jury that Mardeusz was a victim of domestic violence and for the prosecutor to stop badgering Mardeusz as she testified. The Bar waited five years and then in June 2005, the Bar ruled that the matter was not serious and issued only a private reproval. Then 16-1/2 years later, The Bar Review Court declared the matter serious and wanted Barry disbarred.

WHEREAS, The Bar indirectly and Judge Adams and prosecutor Vieira directly supported MAGERS, violent, alcoholic, drug addiction and his repeated DUI’s, along with arrests for felony child abuse, and possibly the murder of his wife. .

WHEREAS, OFFENSE NO. 2, 2002:  Barry represented DARLA ELWOOD in two federal civil rights law cases filed 2001 and 2002. Six years later the Bar prosecutor accused Barry of moral turpitude for filing frivolous lawsuits. Barry never knowingly filed a frivolous lawsuit in her 41 year career. The Prosecutor Tady knew this and did not dismiss for lack of probable cause in violation of his ethical duty.

WHEREAS, The Bar championed JOSEPH MORIN, father of two of Darla’s children. He is a child batterer (declarations of older children); a violent racist (Darryl Austin lawsuit) – called Darryl a “sand nigger” (he is Indian from Trinidad) while he beat him up, and Morin made a death threat against Darryl Austin and Morin paid a substantial settlement to Austin. Morin also made a death threat against a lesbian because of her sexual orientation and otherwise harassed her by stalking, carving threats on her door and other malicious acts. The woman obtained a two year restraining order against him. Barry signed a stipulation because she was trying to collect a judgment she had won in a jury trial for a black man who was impoverished, and she could not afford legal representation to fight the Bar case while she was trying to collect the $98,000 judgment for her client.
WHEREAS, OFFENSE NO. 3, 2009-present : Barry represents MICHELE FOTINOS and her two children RACHEL and AUSTIN in various lawsuits, both federal and state including a legal malpractice lawsuit against SAN MATEO ATTORNEY STEPHEN MONTALVO who had committed gross malpractice and fraud against Michele during her family law court proceeding in San Mateo County.

WHEREAS, The Bar and Supreme Court both want Barry disbarred because she did not pay discovery sanctions to Montalvo and judicial sanctions to San Mateo court. Barry did not have the money because Montalvo stole $70,000 from Michele and left her with no kids, no community property, and having to pay child support. Michele had no money to pay Barry.

WHEREAS, Montalvo has caused grave harm to Michele and her two children and to at least two other mothers and their children, including Susan Navratil and her daughter Sarah. The third mother has a Bar complaint pending against him. He has been sued for legal malpractice three times. The San Mateo judges and the Bar are protecting Montalvo who continues to live a wealthy lifestyle while disbarring Barry because she had no money to pay Montalvo discovery sanctions.

WHEREAS, The Bar also championed JOHN FOTINOS, Michele’s Ex husband; a violent, child battering felon with access to guns. The Bar forced Barry to defend the flier she used to get John Fotinos arrested and the 14 guns, 2 assault rifles, 10 high capacity magazines, and 10,000 rounds of live ammo in his possession confiscated. The San Mateo judges and District Attorney WAGSTAFFE who used to work for CURRENT BAR PRESIDENT JAMES FOX when he was the District Attorney let Fotinos off, and he walks free while Michele and Rachel are in hiding because San Mateo judges will not issue restraining order against Fotinos. He had threatened Rachel that her life would be over if she ever reported that he had guns which she did. Michele’s daughter showed the deputies where the guns were, and now Rachel is terrified that Fotinos will locate her and her mother and will kill them. Michele and her daughter Rachel remain in hiding.

THEREFORE, THE UNDERSIGNED respectfully request that the Supreme Court of California reinstate the license of PATRICIA BARRY so that she can continue to represent mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence and who have children that have suffered from abuse.

KRISTIN HANSON on behalf of Attorney, Patricia J. Barry – Article- High Court, Washington Supreme Court Rules that victims can protect their children from abuse, June 29, 2017.



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