From FB: Barbara Latham’s mother abused and murdered

My mother gave permission to post her involuntary stealth euthanasia at Houston Hospice room 315, Houston, Texas, 77030 by starvation and opiates and other sedative toxic drugs. Christmas week 2017.

My only question is why is there no public outrage over these stories?  People donate to save animals all the time, but this is how grantma ends up?  Disgusting.  We must do more for elder rights and justice. So far all we have is lipservicebarbara.lathammom

2 thoughts on “From FB: Barbara Latham’s mother abused and murdered

  1. Where is the text regarding this poor lady’s experiences? We need to know specifics, otherwise it helps nobody.
    Please give specifics of this case. Thank you. Many people are having the same experiences, and people need to know how prevalent this is.

    • I have friended her on FB and I have invited her to send along more information. Soon as I get it and she approves it may be published, it will appear on the blog. My thoughts exactly. What is happening to these frail elderly people is disgusting

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