From Ken Ditkowsky–Happy New Year and prayers for those who cannot see their loved ones

because their loved ones are involved in abuse probate proceedings

From Ken

The human trafficking in the elderly continues virtually unabated as the year 2017 ends, and 2018 beings.   The only distinction is that America can no longer afford to cater to the criminals who prey on elderly, isolate them from their prior lives, deprive them of their humanity, human rights, and civil rights as they redistribute their wealth to the corrupt Political elite.    The 700% fraud surcharge has become  intolerable and  too heavy a burden for America to absorb.     We must have HONEST INVESTIGATIONS of the health care industry along with vigorous prosecutions of the criminals engaging in this human trafficking.    It is not enough to legislature, pontificate, or complain that x, y, and z is not doing enough.
The reach of this criminal enterprise (whether called human trafficking, elder cleansing, or guardian for profit – or all of the above) is a terrorist assault on the core values of America.   It pollutes every aspect of our lives.    Even in death we are not free of these bastards.
A while back Probate Sharks and MaryGSykes carried the following on their respective blogs.   The media was not interested, law enforcement gave it a shrug, the lawyer disciplinary commissions turned a deaf ear – especially Jerome Larkin the IARDC, however, a few recognized that such could happen to “yours truly.”
Most of us rationalized – “I have a loving family and they would be there to protect me and thee!”   Jerome Larkin summed up the attitude of the POLITICAL &JUDICIAL ELITE, when he equated the disclosure of corruption in the judiciary on the blog MaryGSykes to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”   Indeed, Larkin viewed the exposure of corruption to be so dastardly and pernicious he openly and notorious not only stretched the truth, misrepresented SCOTUS rulings, but successfully demanded from the Illinois Supreme Court interim suspensions of the license of Attorney JoAnne Denison who was infamously reporting criminal activity of Judges in Cook County, Illinois and elsewhere.
Indeed, even the official criminal intimidation, perjury, and breach of the public trust did not deter Attorney Denison and on her blog appeared a post from PROBATE SHARKS (written by yours truly), to wit:

 From Probate Sharks Blog: Hijacking a Fla. Estate for millions from Chicago

Posted on July 28, 2016

On the pages of the Probate Sharks blog is the following: Irving Faskowitz probate court case. Irving’s 2 million dollar estate was high jacked by Chicago and New York non-relatives who were also named Faskowitz. The real Faskowitz heirs never were informed of Irving’s death and never saw a penny.

One of the biggest problem that exists today is the unequal enforcement of the law, or the enforcement of the law to protect particular interests.    There is no question that when a person is placed in a police vehicle while in custody, and emerges dead there is a problem that the community should be concerned with.   The prosecutor knew that the individual was not murdered and no intent crime could be proven; however, in the true spirit of an opportunist unethical member of the political elite five police officers were ‘over charged’ with crimes that could not sustained.

The issue of whether or not criminal charges of some kind should have been brought is not relevant as the establishment was looked for a scapegoat.   It is this tactic that is destroying the basic institutions of America.   Special interests can routine ‘fix’ the process or the case and a large segment of the population screams to deaf ears the words: “foul!”

A burr under the skin has been the Florida Irving Faskowitz case.    Briefly the facts are allegedly as follows:

Irving Faskowitz died.   It just so happened that an infamous Chicago Lawyer had a maiden name that was very strongly similar; however, she was not related.   Exhibiting the criterion of on its face and so obscene that the Florida Attorney General rose out of her slumber and filed an objection.conduct advocated by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and the Illinois Supreme Court and the conduct that they wish to foster, this lawyer filed documents claiming that she and a specific group of her relatations were heirs to the estate.    The claim was bogus

As Lawyers live by the proposition that a bad settlement is better than the best litigation, the case settled and the spurious claimants got 1/2 of the Estate.   Victims of the infamous Chicago lawyer heard about the Florida expedition and screamed to everyone who would listen ‘foul’

The protector of the virtue of Illinois lawyers the IARDC apparently have a special relationship with this lawyer could not be bothered to investigate, but gave its stamp of approval on the fraud.   Further action by the Florida Attorney General was unthinkable to Florida officials.   I guess they were too absorbed in annulling the Smith marriage and silencing the heirs of Helen Stone.

As the lawyer who filed the claim is an Illinois lawyer and was also believed to be culpable for the horrendous torture that Alice Gore was subjected to and to the quest for gold in her teeth the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court ratified their approval of the alleged theft and the complaining citizens were told to ‘stuff it!’

This is our current state of affairs in the cottage industry of elder cleansing.    Mr. Larkin is not a card carrying Nazi.   Indeed, he most probably has not even accidentally rubbed elbows with one.   Indeed, I would suspect that he is even loved by some children, but, he accepted a job to do – i.e. police the legal profession and rid it of the dishonest lawyers who prey on Illinois citizens – including the elderly.    Someone along the way Mr. Larkin got mixed up and decided to rid the legal profession of the lawyers who would pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 speak up against corruption in the Court system.   Indeed, he felt it his duty to defend and coverup 18 UsCA 371 the confession of Judge Connors (at page 91 of her evidence deposition) that she was ‘wired.’   The confession of perjury in the JoAnne Denison hearing by Judge Stuart.   The Faskowitz theft and the hunt for gold in the mouth of Alice by lawyer *****.    ******.

Elderly people are being elder cleansed, and then euthanized and corrupt courts, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt political figures are all actively engaged in the activity.   Our cause is just, but ignored.   Linking the cause to a great ***** Conspiracy is counter productive.   Judge **** sitting in Emmett County, Michigan is not involved in the Mary Sykes case directly, indirectly or in his dreams.   The WW2 Nazis who escaped from Germany in 1944/45 are all dead or nearly dead at this point in time.

Ladies – all we have in these elder cleansing cases is garden variety avarice and local conspiracies by a group of like thinking miscreants to enrich themselves by stealing from grandma.    Judge **** in Florida has no role in whatever Judge **** in Illinois is doing or not doing.   The attempt to link their actions just destroys our credibility.

Ken Ditkowsky

 The miscreant lawyer, who is reported to teach Legal Ethics is no co-operating in any Federal investigation of the Illinois corruption and therefore has the official approval of the Judicial Elite.    Guardianships continued to flow and members of the public continued to be fair game.    JoAnne Denison, who pursuant to Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4, and her duty as a citizen of the United STates of America was rewarded with an INTERIM SUSPENSION or her law license, and a 3 year suspension of her Law License in every forum available.    (Every good deed is properly punished).
2018 is a new beginning!    Please accept my families best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous  NEW YEAR.

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