From Joanne; a belated Thanksgiving and prays for all of you who have been isolated from your grandparents, siblings and children thru wrongful state action

Dear Readers;

I have heard from many of you who cannot see their own grandparents, parents and even children due to wrongful state actions.  Rest assured you have been in my thoughts and prayers as we battle Elder Cleansing, State and Medical Kidnap and Wrongful Custody cases in the court system.

BP still cannot see his new born child. DCFS is withholding the child from him.  His attorney has asked that the child be immediately returned, but the Juvenile (travesty of justice) court system refuses to do anything, instead putting a good father through a rat maze of spur of the moment drug tests, endless parenting classes and inspections and all sorts of what not.  He has not be charged with anything, no complaints have been filed against him, but on the day his infant son was set to be discharged from the hospital, DCFS swooped in and removed the child based upon a metabolite of an alleged illegal drug in the child’s meconium, etc.  There was no real analyis, DCFS tests are for metabolites, which are often mimicked by common food products such as poppy seeds and quinine water.  Please pray for Brian.  Juvenile court and DCFS have assumed the role of evil monster and the Juvenile Court judge doesn’t care.

Another mother, Ms. SK had her daughter wrongfully ripped from her arms, when the child’s doctor filed a DCFS report for possible sexual abuse by him and his 29 year old son.  The mother did nothing wrong, but at the next court hearing, her incompetent attorney told her she had to waive her rights to coparenting because otherwise the “police would arrest her.”  This turned out to be a croc of you know what.  It seems the evil GAL and her attorney were in on a plot to churn the bill with endless proceedings against a wholly innocent mother!  She now has a competent attorney advising her.  But does she have her daughter back?  Heck no.  She will be going into court next month to get her daughter back, please pray for her too.

I hear about new cases of corruption every week.  Other cases develop new aspects of corruption as corrupt lawyers and judges continue to feast like vultures on the innocent and uninformed.

And guardianship judges left and right continue to engage in the mantra of “target, isolate, narcotize, drain the estate and then narcotize to death when the money runs out.”  We need to return truth and justice to our court system.  It is sorely needed.

Please pray for them all.



See from Ken Ditkowsky below:

With the Federal Trial of Philip Esformes looming in March, this cartoon from the Wall Street Journal has particular meaning.
All of us are frighted that a ‘fix’ is in the works!    This is especially concerning as right here in Illinois it appears that activities similar to those exposed in the Esformes case are going one hot and heavy with no end in sight.    The ‘cover up’ which included the Mary Sykes case and the Alice Gore case are becoming old hat and the miscreants not only escaped criminal prosecution but neither the State of Illinois or the United States of America appear to have made any effort to collection the INCOME TAXES generated by the criminal abuse of the public trust.
The mantra of the State of Illinois was made very clear by the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) when he wrote the Illinois Supreme Court concerning a blog that exposed judicial corruption and pointed out that it was akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater”
The Billion dollars that Philip Esformes stole from Medicare (alleged in the indictment) apparently has not set the PRICE high enough to induce any interest in the product called: LAW ENFORCEMENT!

I thought this article from The Wall Street Journal would interest you.

Pepper…and Salt

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