From JP: Another letter to the US DOJ asking them to investigate clearly corrupt courts, and they take no action.

Another letter detailing a string of felonies goes uninvestigated by the FBI and other authorities, despite the fact the victim makes it clear that a string of felonies has occurred.


Jacqueline Pidanick

262 Old Bridge Dr.

Bluffton, SC 29910






U.S Department of Justice

Civil Rights Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530


Re: My Reply to your  UNSIGNED Nov 9th 2017 letter indicating you refuse to investigate

Rampant Corruption in the Courts of Beaufort, South Carolina


Dear Sir or Madam;


       This is in response to your unsigned letter of Nov.9, 2017 in which you advised me that that you would not be investigating the court system, lawyers and judges of North Carolina despite the fact they have engaged in the following string of felonies:


  1. infant 8 week old daughter was beaten by Christopher Maddaloni (“Father”) and pictures were shown in court to Judge Fuge who did nothing but allow the Father joint custody. Father, it turns out has a long history of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.  Judge Fuge ignored all the evidence of past Domestic Violence and child abuse and would not hear it.
  2. transcripts were changed, evidence was changed and distorted on numerous occasions.  complaints were repeatedly filed and ignored by the local authorities
  3. I was repeatedly told not to talk in court, being pro se, and I could not refute numerous blatant lies which were spewn in court–while the abuser’s attorney was able to put into the record every ridiculous, blatant and obvious lie he could think of
  4. Many or most of my Appellate motions and filings were ignored or the Appellate court clerk says she never received my filings even though there is proof of delivery to the court by UPS and the UPS legal department has verified the deliveries as being actual.
  5. Honest lawyers do not want to go to court and help me because they have no tolerance for the amount and level of corruption displayed in the courtroom and they believe finding justice there to be an elusive undertaking they would never charge for
  6. I was haled into court without any proper notice or petition and given a Sanction of $5,000 or 30 days in jail for posting a petition to remove Judge Fuge.  The Appellate court stayed the sanction.  However, the attorney for father, Michael Horton, still refuses to return all of my $5,000 paid to him prior to the Appellate Court issuing that order.  I sued the attorneys and Father in Federal Court for First Amendment Retaliation.  Two police officers then visited my home and threatened me not to make any more posts on social media because my posts appear to threaten judges and attorneys.  I added these two police officers to my suit for First Amendment Retaliation.


After all of this, all I get from the US Department of Justice is an unsigned form letter you see no reason to investigate corrupt courts and police in South Carolina?  That is truly a preposterous insult to honest law abiding taxpayers.


When I complained to the local judicial disciplinary committee, the disciplinary committee told me they will take no more complaints regarding Judge Peter FUGE. The sad part was I never said the name of the judge–they just knew immediately whom I was speaking of when I started to discuss my case with their personnel.


The packets of information and evidence I send to your offices are very time consuming and expensive to prepare.  Each one can cost $50 or more.  I have a family to feed, I cannot afford those types of expenses.


Accordingly,  I am requesting a phone call and visit to review all evidence that has already been uploaded completely into numerous clouds and computers.  I demand that an investigation be opened into the courtroom of Judge Peter Fuge and the Beaufort County Appellate court.  Hundreds of Affidavits are out there at this point and this case is not going away. I demand respect and consideration. I have a popular blog.  Other popular blogs pick up my postings on my case and other Fuge corrupt custody case stories.  I am also sending this to President Trump asking for a phone call and a personal meeting regarding rampant court corruption which is not addressed by either the US DOJ or FBI. This is our country and thousands in South Carolina have the same problem, thousands, and I am now collecting all your letters stating you have reviewed this horrendous situation and your offices do not find any violations of law, when in fact, they are clearly a string of felonies perpetrated by lawyers in suits and judges in black robes in Beaufort County, including Judge Fuge.


I can no longer afford to send all the massive evidence of corruption again and again for you to lose or write back some unsigned form letter that a citizen of South Carolina does not matter to the US DOJ. If you lack the time, please hire some competent people willing to address these horrendous situations good parents encounter in the South Carolina Court system. This is your job ! Do it !


With sincere respect I am also submitting this letter to numerous reporters–local and nationwide, government officials and so on.


Jacqueline Pidanick

College student and mother of two young children


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