Sheriff Dart’s Employees continue to refuse to provide copies of Service Papers to Litigants

As most of you know, in the past, when the Mary Sykes case was going on, a fun thing to do was to as Sheriff Dart’s offices for proof of service on Mary when the case was going on for 5 years and she was never served.

The first time you do it and ask how Mary could have been guardianized and a case was running in Cook County for years without jurisdiction, all the employees go nuts and that’s fairly entertaining (of course, Judge Stuart should have just dismissed the case, but she’s long gone.  No clout for her.  But someone pretty powerful is protecting Justice Maureen Connors because she ran the Sykes case for years without jurisdiction and when the stuff hit the fan, she got promoted to the Court of Appeals!  Too funny.  But that’s how it works in Crook County.  You really screw up a case, there’s only 2 ways to go, one is out the door and the other is getting promoted).

So, just so you all know, today a probate court corruption client went to Room 701 and asked a Sheriff Dart employee for a copy of the Service papers on his mother, and that was met with a “you have to get a court order.”

Excuse me?  Either this person is covering up another lack of jurisdiction judge (Quinn), or Sheriff Dart needs some serious retraining of people in Room 701. Since 6th grade student in Illinois must pass an US Constitution test, perhaps this person never made it beyond 6th grade?

Court records and Service records are supposed to be public, not private, in an open, free and transparent democracy.

I hope someone from Room 701 reads this and posts it in that office on Monday.  Better yet, if you, my dear reader, are going down to the Daley Center on Monday, please print out a copy of this blog page and drop it off and ask whoever comes to the window in 701 to post a reminder to everyone that unless a case is sealed, Service Records are public and not private information. They are public property and not private property of the employees working there.

This is ridiculous.  Over and over, scores of posts on this blog have been on the issue of Service, Jurisdiction and copies of Court/Service files, and THERE IS STILL A PROBLEM?

I just don’t know how to say this any clearer.  The judge cannot take jurisdiction of a case until a person (defendant or respondent, generally) is properly served.  Service records are clearly public and belong to the public and should be accessible during normal business hours for inspection and copying.

In reality, all of this stuff should have been been put online back in 2000 and made available to the public.  That’s when the Federal Courts went to Pacer and put all their stuff online.

Dorothy Brown has been asked over and over to put all her court records online for 8 cents per page or less.  This has been going on for years.

Sheriff Dart should put his Service records online for 8 cents per page or less.

It’s time to end the moniker Crook County.  People are sick of this nonsense and we want and deserve better, much, much better.


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