From Ken Ditkowsky–still no justice for 94 year old Mary G. Sykes, murdered in guardianship in Cook County, Illinois

kenneth ditkowsky

10:59 AM (10 hours ago)

Each case stands on its own merits and even though the facts are similar they are distinguishable and different.
In the case dishonest judges, we are dealing with serious allegations and serious breaches of fiduciary relationship.   More important, in the case of guardianship frauds and elder cleansing we are also dealing with felony offenses against the federal health care system – such as the 700% fraud surcharge/medicare fraud.   The amounts of money stolen are so enormous that in asking for any HONEST INVESTIGATION  we are striking a blow at the genesis of the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED and all its side issues, i.e. theft of assets from ‘wards’, recovery of funds used to pay for appointment to the bench paid to Democratic Committeeman and DNC operatives to purchase judgeship (Chicago, Miami, New York, etc), graft and illegal remuneration for extra-ordinary serves – normally called bribes *****.
The ‘COVER UP’ is so necessary that here in Illinois JEROME LARKIN and his cadre of lawyers lacking moral conscience orchestrated kangaroo proceedings to strip any lawyer who pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 UsCA 4 to even think about an investigation of the elder cleansing scams to be suspended from the practice of law.    The Illinois Supreme Court rubber stamped.
As I’ve indicated to everyone — The assault on America’s core values for profit by the corrupt members of the Elite Political and judicial clans is so well entrenched that it is almost invulnerable.    
Seizing on cases such as the MARY SYKES CASE  09 P 4585 The Court record is so obscene that the breach of the public trust is NO ONLY OBVIOUS but obscene.    A cursory review of the file connotes dishonesty in every phase of the proceedings that crosses all lines of integrity.  The total lack of jurisdiction 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 is connoted by the Sheriff who denies serving any summons on Mary.   The admission that no notice on the next of kin was even attempted (Sodini) hammers the jurisdictional avoidance home.    The total lack of the hearing required by section 3 and 10 of the act alert even a Jurist who is deaf, blind, and suffering from advanced dementia that DUE PROCESS was denied to Mary.   (it is amazing how successful Larkin was in preventing an investigation and in selling the idea that exposing judicial corruption was akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater. – It is also amazing that the ABA, ACLU, et al could care less!)
Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 and its State equivalents allow the dishonest jurist a potent weapon to make his/her exposure a dangerous proposition for a pro se litigant.   As the facts do not matter in the ‘wired’ Court proceeding the judge can and will award his buddies and 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators attorney fees — remember – the facts do not matter, the judge has made up his mind!    Attorney Goodman (Arizona) found out about this when he tried to ferret out justice for his clients who were subject to elder cleansing.   Breaking him financially was not a problem  – NO ONE CARED!    the WAR ON THE ELDERLY is to lucrative for the criminals who are taking over our judicial system to overlook!    
A new administration was recently elected by people who want that HONEST INVESTIGATION and if the facts are as we suspect they are, HONEST PROSECUTION and the removal of the scum from public office and the judiciary.   (We can expect that the ACLU and the ABA will be ready to protect the miscreants who prey on the elderly and the disabled!)  

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