From Elena Federova on her story of Mortgage Fraud at the Daley Center

Subject: Corrupt IL Judges war against the Constitution and Wells Fargo bank continuing fraud
Dear All,
I continue to report a massive fraud committed by Wells Fargo bank in Illinois Court with support of certain corrupt members of Illinois judiciary, under patronage of law enforcement authorities.
I previously informed that Wells Fargo bank acting under glimpse of defunct “Trustees” of non-existing 2002-2008 REMIC Trusts operates a huge money laundering mill in our courts, breeds fraud and corruption among judges, politicians, lawyers, realtors and other companies;  fills our housing markets with properties which lack any legitimate Title, defrauds new buyers,  their mortgage companies and Title insurers; sells illegal US securities on foreign exchange markets, which is highly damaging to the United States reputation as a reliable issuer; and even defraud other mortgage Servicers whom Wells Fargo bank transfer its no-existing “servicing rights” after they sell properties to new buyers, like Wells Fargo did in my case.
Please find attached four (4) recent runaround letters advising me that “more time is needed to complete research on my inquiry”, two from Wells Fargo bank and two from the new mortgage Servicer, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, (“SLS”) whom Wells Fargo bank fraudulently transferred its  servicing rights two months after Wells Fargo bank sold my property to a third party buyer on November 10, 2016, with a fatally defective  Deed.  According to SLS letter of February 13, 2017 (attached) , I have to forward them my mortgage payments beginning February 1, 2017 while the terms of my mortgage with long-time bankrupt Fremont will not change. Not a single document in support was provided.
Worth to mention, during last five years I received a binder-worth of  similar runarounds from Wells Fargo bank, 41 (forty one) letters between April 2016 to present time, sometimes 10 letters per month. In a legal case United States of America ex rel. Duke Tran v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A 3:15-cv-00979, a former employee accused Wells Fargo & Co of instructing its workers to refrain from telling customers about lost deeds or other missing documents (in other words, told them to lie). According to the lawsuit, Tran and others received emails instructing them not to tell customers about situations “where we have a lost contract, deed, any type of document, really, but especially when it relates to securing a property.” The email told the employees “to say that we need to do further research or something similar. (the email is attached) This evidence brings to light why from 2012 to the present time I have received a binder’s worth of runaround letters advising me that Wells Fargo and its subsidiary ASC “need to do further research.” Clearly, Wells Fargo / ASC does NOT have and NEVER had ANY documentation related to my mortgage and Note.
Now,  the new Servicer SLS during last four months tells me the same thing: we need more time to research where are the documents on my property, which SLS must  receive from Wells Fargo bank to entitle them to collect payments for the mortgage after my  property was sold several month ago.
My foreclosure case revealed rampant and absolutely uncontrolled judicial corruption in the State of Illinois, on all levels of our Courts, under full consent and patronage from IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, whose father helped to obtain judicial seats to least 25-30% of all sitting judges, mostly in exchange of donations to his family; Department of Justice (US AG Zachary Fardon was a top white collar crime defense partner at Latham&Watkins LLP,  a generous donor to numerous judicial and political elections in Illinois.  According to the public record, Zachary Fardon’s annual compensation was exceeding $2.9 million per year. Clearly, Fardon accepted a position in the public office with about $129,000.00 paycheck, not to investigate and prosecute corruption but to build powerful connections and receive a  training how to defend corrupt officials.
General Madigan is perfectly aware of the foreclosure mill operating in the Cook County Court, including in Judge Senechelle’s court and in many others under the guise of judges appointed by her father Mr. Michael Madigan. I am highly suspicious that the Attorney General is refusing to acknowledge the foreclosure crisis in our state because so many of the judges are connected to Ms. Madigan’s family, thus they feel exempt from the applicable laws and following national calls to fight against bank fraud (who often bankroll their elections, of course).
I many times reported to all law enforcement offices, including Lisa Madigan, Zachary Fardon, Senator Durbin, Senator Kirk, Senator Feinstein (under whose jurisdiction Wells Fargo bank is located); other members of the Senate  about astounding systemic scheme of Wells Fargo bank money laundering mill in Illinois Courts and our local judiciary’s and politicians’ corruption, without any accord.
As the result, Wells Fargo bank continues to rely on support of Illinois judiciary, who declared a war against Constitution, freely act without ANY jurisdiction, trespass all applicable laws, blatantly lie to litigants from the bench; and commit other fraud to cover for Wells Fargo bank  crimes and genocide against Americans , all with total impunity.
Since I have included new parties in this email, including Brennan Center of Justice and its Board, it worth to provide a background of my legal dispute with Wells Fargo bank, which is a typical case of judicial/banks racket, fraud upon the Court and a mob action where corrupt judges  declared a was against the Constitution, trespassed all applicable laws and binding precedents to aid and abet Wells Fargo bank money laundering in our Court. No need to say, judges were  generously compensated with donations (and other funds) from banks and their lawyers for favorable services.
My case is typical to about 100% of all foreclosures filed on behalf of non-existing 2002-2008 REMIC Trusts, where Wells Fargo bank regularly files bogus foreclosures with forged documents, most of which are favorably granted by judges, who are aware about  banks fraud and even charge banks treble filing fees as the compensation for risks, I guess.
Wells Fargo bank, acting under glimpse of “Deutsche Bank as Trustee for GSAMP 2006FM1” (DBNT personally deny any involvement in foreclosures; they are not the Trustee; and Trust GSAMP 2006 FM1 does not exist, proven by official Securities and Exchange Committee), filed a bogus foreclosure case 11-CH-28887 which was supported by false statements that MERS was a “mortgagee” for my loan with long-time bankrupt Fremont. This case was supported by a forged “Assignment” prepared by Wells Fargo bank employee Bhavdip Chauhan who impersonated as “MERS Assistant Secretary” and notarized by well-known robo-Notary Angela Williams.
MERS was not a mortgagee for my loan, (proven by MERS official document), and Assignment to a non-existing REMIC Trust more than 4 years after its closing day was invalid per se. Yet, Wells Fargo  bank lawyers Steven Lindberg and Douglas Oliver (who intentionally sent Summons and  Notices to a wrong address),  successfully obstructed justice, committed perjury and obtained a favorable Order from a well-connected Judge Rooney, niece of a well-connected lawyer Richard Prendergast, generous donor of most elections.
Rooney not only acted in excess of all jurisdiction when she awarded possession of my property to a fake plaintiff who lacked (and personally denied) all standing, but she also had a personal conflict of interest to act as a foreclosure judge since her entire family is involved in banking, real estate and legal business. Worth to mention, Judge Rooney received $1,000.00 from Wells Fargo bank lawyers, Mayer Brown LLP and $250.00 from a well-connected lawyer Philip Corboy’s wife, Mary Dempsey, whose son-in-law Justice James R. Epstein entered an absurd decision in my Appeal case 13-4037.
After Rooney recused herself in June 2013, case 11-CH-28887 was transferred to Mr. Madigan’s protégé Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.  In the meanwhile, Wells Fargo bank’s lawyers, who were absolutely confident in Judge Senechalle’s support to their fraud, on July 12, 2013 recorded unlawful Deed on my property, transferring it to a fake plaintiff Deutsche Bank. I believe that Wells Fargo bank sold my property as a security on August 13 or 14th 2013 on The Ireland Exchange market. According to Wells Fargo bank, they were selling (smuggling) illegal US Securities to foreign investors whom Wells Fargo informed that “ Some or all of the securities constituting the Collateral may not have been and will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Act”), or any applicable state securities laws ”. This is  a securities fraud, and Illinois Judges are perfectly aware of it and aid and abet it, despite this was an illegal transfer which violated by Constitutional rights for Due Process.
Judge Robert E. Senechalle didn’t fail Wells Fargo bank and their lawyers. On December 4, 2013 lawyer William Kalbas brought a brand-new looking lose documents, which Judge Senechalle personally separated with his paper clips and gave me for a few minutes review. The document contained not a single chain of assignment as required by the law, and looked as it was just recently printed, despite it was seven years old. I three times asked Judge Senechalle to provide me copies of those purportedly original documents and file it with the case records. Judge Senechalle, who was busy cracking jokes about “Murky MERS practices” (who was not a mortgagee), told me that it is not necessary to file these documents with the case since they are “exactly the same” as attached to the complaint.
It was a lie. The documents presented on December 4, 2013 were not the same. The Note attached to the Complaint had a separate page with a large “X” below stamped signature of Michael Koch; and staples signs. None of it was present in the new documents.
Senechelle also mispresented case law with intent to defraud me when on  December 23, 2013 he  cited case Parkway Bank &Trust Co. v. Korzen 2013 IL (1st) 130380. In support of his verdict, he misused to case to show that the Note brought by my bank’s lawyers on December 4, 2013 was “prima facie” evidence that plaintiff held the Note. Senechalle, the judge in Parkway, perfectly knew that in Parkway the bank acted as a bona fide plaintiff to enforce its OWN Note, issued under Parkway name, secured by a vacant commercial lot, based on the legally  valid complaint supported by Sworn Affidavits. Of course, when the original creditor presents its original Note on its original loan it is a prima facie evidence, but this precedent has nothing in common with my case. Yet, Senechalle expected this deception to be taken as a case with merits in order to deceive not only an “unsuspecting” ProSe like myself, but Appeal Court Justices as well, which he definitely succeeded.
I brought my case to Appeal Court, but the Appeal Court Justices James Epstein (son-in-law of lawyer Corboy); David Ellis (crony and trusted lawyer of Mr. Madigan, who was assigned to Appeal Court on December 1, 2014 without serving a day in the trial Court; Justice Howse (received over $100K from lawyers and corporation) and Cynthia Cobbs (Clerk to Justice Freeman, who lacked any trial Court experience and obtained her judicial seat in violation of IL Constitution, served four years in Municipal Division and was appointed to Appeal Court on January 7, 2015) ever obtained a copy of these purportedly original Mortgage, Note and Assignment. They were unable to evaluate these documents’ validity since the lawyer and the judge in my case intentionally excluded them from Court records. Appeal Court Justices Epstein, Howse and Ellis made their adverse decision based on incomplete case files for case 11-CH-28887 files, so it was of little surprise that their response was erroneous and void. The Justices claimed that “Plaintiff also attached an adjustable rate promissory Note, which provided that the lender was Fremont and endorsed by Michael Koch, Fremont Vice President, to “pay in order of ** without recourse” and “thereafter, Fremont transferred the loan to plaintiff as indicated by notation **” Deutsche Bank N.t. as Trustee for Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006-1.” But the Trust on behalf of which foreclosure case 11-CH-28887 was filed is GSAMP 2006-FM1, not Fremont 2006-1, and the Note attached to Complaint has none of the notations observed by the Justices.
Worth to mention, since 2012 Wells Fargo bank swamped me with a binder worth of absurd and contradicting runaround letters (41 letter between April 2016-2017) where on December 9, 2011 they informed me that my loan is “moving to foreclosure” (case 11-CH-28887 was filed on August 16, 2011). Further Wells Fargo bank employees stated that my  property was (1) “ forwarded to outside counselor on August 21, 2008” (April 25, 2013 ASC employee Ramona Weber); (2) “foreclosure [case 11-CH-28887]  was filed on August 21, 2008(May 3, 2013 ASC employee Chris Ryan); (3) “property was sold at the scheduled foreclosure sale on March 19, 2008” (June 5, 2013 Wells Fargo employee Gary Lingren) ; (4) Can you confirm the foreclosure action is valid?”(March 3, 2014 ASC employee Chelsea Weatherman). According to Independent Foreclosure review, Fedorova’s property was “in active foreclosure between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.” All of these statements are lies, readily accepted and supported by ALL judges whom I presented my case.
I filed a Petition under 1401(f) which allows to challenge void judgements at any time in any Court. It was almost instantly denied by Judge Senechalle Ex Parte, in violation of all applicable laws and precedents. I refiled my Petition. In respond Judge Robert E. Senechalle attacked me with bogus threats with “contempt” from the bench and even invited Mr. O’Malley (who just lost his judicial election) to impersonate as a “criminal prosecutor”. For any person with common sense O’Malley was courting a vote for an Associate Judge, which is a first decree corruption. Lisa Madigan always ignored her father’s protégé conduct and never attempted to investigate and prosecute it.
When Judge Senechalle unlawfully denied my 1401 (f) Petition, I submitted by Notice of Appeal which was filed on May 20, 2016, or 20 days after final Order on April 26, 2016. According to decision entered by Justices Nevill, Hyman and Pierce in case 15-1004, “Void orders or judgements can be challenged at any time”. Clearly, Justices are aware of applicable laws and precedents but refuse to follow them.
In the meanwhile Robert Senechalle’s corrupt Court practices bred enormous fraud now among the realtors. On May 9, 2016 I received a letter from realtor Arvanitis who provided me a fake phone number for the bank and disconnected number for himself. After I discovered Arvanitis’ correct contact, he immediately lied in my face that he does not know who are his clients.
Despite pending Appeal in case 16-1350, Arvantis and Wells Fargo bank listed my property for sale, based on void Order entered by Senechalle. I filed Motion to Stay, which was opposed by Mayer Brown LLP lawyer Woodworth who declared that “foreclosure complaint presents a justifiable matter regardless of standing”; and “court possessed subject matter jurisdiction at the time when the Order was entered.   Lawyer Charles Woodworth blatantly lied because the Constitution mandates  Plaintiff’s standing in ALL cases. Clearly, Woodworth placed  Wells Fargo bank and himself above the law.
Yet, Justices Thomas Hoffman (long-time crony of well-connected politician Edward Burke and his wife, IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke); Katherine Rochford (wife of a well-connected lawyer Michael Demetrio from Corboy &Demetrio who purchased her judicial seat through a scheme of over $230K “donations” and “loans” to herself;) and Joy Cunningham (protégé of well-connected Democrats Davis and Jessie White, who received over $800K for election), supported this war against the Constitution and  denied my Motion to Stay sale of my property. I requested the substitution of corrupt judges Hoffman, Rochford and Cunningham from the case, which  was denied by Hoffman, Rochford and Cunningham.
As the result, Wells Fargo bank sold my unit to a third-party buyer Tinyan He, whom they provided a fatally defective  Deed where Deutsche Bank was not only acting as “Trustee” for a non-existing legal entity GSAMP 2006FM1, but even under authority of its Board of Directors, which this Trust never had. The Deed was signed by Wells Fargo bank employees who impersonated as “Vice Presidents of Loan  documentation” and notarized by Iowa Notary Blake, Loan Analyst, who has no legal authority to notarize out of State documents.
Two month after Wells Fargo bank sold my property to buyer He, they transferred its purported “servicing rights” to SLS, who since January 2017 (during last four month) is not able to provide me any explanations or documents to support of this transfer and how they plan to collect payments on the mortgage which lacks any property. 
In the meanwhile on February 6, 2017 my Appeal was declined by a new set of well-connected Justices, Connors (long-time crony and former Associate to Edward Burke and his wife IL Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke), Harris (crony of Mr. Edward Burke, his wife Anne Burke and Mr.  Michael Madigan.) Harris was never elected to be an Appeallate Court Justice, but was able to retain his seat thanks to  generous donations to Lisa Madigan (at least $50,000.00) and about $800,000.00 in “loans and donations” to himself); and Mary Mikva (daughter of well-connected judge Abner Mikva.) Mary Mikva personally admitted her professional incompetence as Appeal Court Justice when she said “I have no idea that I am going to do”.
According to Justices Connors, Harris and Mikva, my Notice of Appeal filed on May 16, 2016 to contest Order of April 26, 2016 and validity of all other Orders (which, according to Justices Neville, Hyman and Pierce’s decision in the similar case 15-1004 can be challenged at any time) was “untimely” (in 20 days after the Order) and this is why Connors, Harris and Mikva don’t have jurisdiction to review my case.
This is a total absurd and blatant disregard of all applicable laws and authorities, including numerous Supreme Court decisions proving that void Orders are originally  null and void and can be attacked at any Court.
But  Illinois Courts are commonly operate on the principals of total anarchy and selective jurisdiction, when judges flip-flop from having jurisdiction to losing jurisdiction often during a  few minutes hearings in the same case.
It was much more convenient for Justices Connors, Harris and Mikva  to say that they “don’t have jurisdiction” to review my timely filed Appeal, while Judge Robert E. Senechalle always claimed that he has jurisdiction to act, even when he conducted two consecutive hearings on June 1, 2016 and July 14, 2016 when my case was pending in Appeal Court.
I  plan to  bring my 1401 (f) petition back to Circuit Court, since void Orders are never final, and as provided by the law.
I kindly request law enforcement authorities to initiate am investigation and criminal prosecution against enormously corrupt Illinois Courts and public Offices; and remove Chancery Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. from my case and from the bench; and prosecute him for corruption, fraud upon the Court, obstruction of justice criminal contempt. Judge Senechalle not only violated Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments rights of a U.S. citizen . He also trespassed numerous Federal and Illinois laws and Supreme Court rules, including but not limited to: 735 ILCS 5/2-403; 5/1-109; 5/2-605; 5/2-615; 735 ILCS 5/15-1508; 5/2-1203; 810 ILCS 5/3-308; 720 ILCS 5/26-1(a)(1) (4) (5) and   720 ILCS 5/17-13(b), Rule 113; Rule 191; 18 USC §4; 18 USC §242; 18 USC §§1961-68 (RICO Act); §18 USC 1951 (Hobbs Act);  42 USC 1983, 1985, 1986.
Much worse, Judge Robert E. Senechalle, Jr. bred and fostered fraud and corruption among other individuals and companies, which must be immediately ceased. It can be only possible if Robert E. Senechalle, Jr.  is removed from the public Office and appropriately prosecuted, so other judges will think twice before they declare war against  the Constitution  to enable fraud in their courts.  
Best regards,
Elena Fedorova

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  1. I agree with everything you said in this piece, I would really like to speak with if possible as we have been fighting Senechalle for the past seven years. My name is vesta henderson my number is 773-797-1024 I’ve a lt I believe will help you.

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