From Ken Ditkowsky and the US Supreme court–Jury secrecy not protected if racial bias alleged

 Fairness in our Courts is required and mandated!
Now let’s apply this to the guardianship proceedings and even traffic court!   It would be very nice have judges who have integrity by definition!   Of course this would mean that ‘cover ups’ such as are going on in Illinois and some other states by lawyer disciplinary commissions would be illegal!
They are not protected by any alleged “secrecy” or “privacy” to the Disabled Person. In any instance where corruption is involved, it is not protected by “secrecy” or “privacy”. That’s why the videos in the Mary G Sykes case are so valuable and must be protected on the internet. This woman was clearly not incompetent. Why then did the Tribunal in Joanne Denison’s case refuse to take a look at the video evidence that there was indeed corruption in the 09 P 4585 case?
Why did the ARDC tribunal refuse all discovery to both Ken Ditkowsky and Joanne Denison in their cases? Discovery is protected by the 5th amendment Due Process clause of the US Constitution.
All of these questions remain to be unanswered and become more important yet in the wake of this US Supreme Court decision.
The US people have rights and we must continue to complain vociferously until the  authorities do some and most of all, do their jobs!
The anatomy of Judicial Corruption is revealed every day in Cook County, Illinois.
Let’s start at square 1.   How do you become a Judge in Cook County?    A Chicago Tribune columnist revealed that the candidate had to get a gym bag, fill it with cash, and give it to Democratic Party official.   (a judge candidate revealed that he paid $150,000).   I am sure that there are other ways.   A District Court Judge was reported to have earned his trip to the Federal Bench by providing a well known Democratic Boss with “girls!” (This judge was named after a very famous President from Illinois whose name was NOT Obama!) 
After square 1 we go to square 2.   This lesson is taught in the Office of the Clerk of the Probate Division of the Circuit Court.   For our text, we pull out case 09 P 4585 (In re: Mary Sykes).   if you need a cheat sheet, the Illinois attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has in its filed the EVIDENCE DEPOSITION of the presiding judge in case 09 P 4585.    She on page 91 admits that she was ‘fixed.’    Here evidence deposition reveals why case 09 P 4585 is so bizarre and Mr. Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IaRDC, was required to perjure himself and file patently false pleadings.
Everyone knows that due process requires NOTICE and HEARING and that a guardianship is a patent invasion and forfeiture of Civil and Human Rights.   Every one also knows that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for human rights to be forfeit in the United States of America.    In fact we have serious laws on the books against such conduct.   Thus, how can such occur?    It does and occurs with great frequency.    Indeed, not only was Mary Sykes Constitutional Rights violated but she never received a hearing prior to the forfeiture!   755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b outlines the parameters of a guardianship and the Americans With Disabilities Act provides Federal sanction for violations of the criteria.    Without a hearing at which significant testimony is had the guardianship court is nothing but a criminal enterprise promulgating HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
Now let’s go back to square 1.  The cash payment by the Judge to local Democratic Party official now looms very relevant.   Why would a distinguished lawyer became a prostitute?
Now you know the answer and exactly who America has to protect!

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