From Ken Ditkowski –caught in the act

Subject: Re: Caught In The Act <> [but still being covered-up]
(link is about another attorney taking a picture of a defense attorney’s notes)
Date: Mar 4, 2017 8:14 AM
In Illinois and many States we have guardianship supervised by our Courts.   What this means is that there is an active JUDGE assigned to each guardianship who supervises the elder abuse/exploitation, and dehumanization of the elderly person.   I point to the Mary Sykes (09 P 4585) and Alice Gore cases as exhibits 1 and 2.   After the elder cleansing (i.e. isolation, abuse, exploitation, theft of savings and other assets, and denial of all human and civil rights) was completed that designated victim was subjected to involuntary suicide.   Calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION resulted in a campaign of intimidation directed against the caller followed by a cover-up of massive proportions.   Millions of dollars of State of Illinois money (public money) was and is used in this cover=up that includes but is not limited to, fraud, and perjury by no less an public figure as the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Jerome Larkin.   The trail of perfidy travels right to the Supreme Court of Illinois!
The Federal courts view the criminal enterprise of the Probate Division of the Circuit Court to be untouchable and as the 2nd oldest profession is up to its eyeballs in the corruption and fraud against the elderly and their families it has taken a pass.    In fact, even though we have the red letter indictment of Philip Esformes in South Florida for stealing a billion dollars from MEDICARE and the Seth Gillman in Illinois the victims have been literally check mated by the ‘COVER UP!’   The Alice Gore case takes a page out of the 3rd Reich!    The Court appointed Guardian ad Litem orchestrated the salvaging of the gold from the teeth of the victim!
Mr. Larkin of the IARDC not only saw nothing wrong with Nazi era activity being promulgated under the supervision of a Circuit Court judge, but was totally unsympathic with the family, complaining attorneys, and common members of the ‘great unwashed!’   In fact he wrote (through one of his overpaid attorneys at the IARDC – under his signature) that the blog (MaryGSykes) exposing this type of corruption was akin to “ yelling fire in a crowded theater!” and asked for the attorney exposing the corruption receive an interim suspension.   The Illinois Supreme Court did exactly that!
In Florida, the Court was equally perfidious.   In one guardianship the guardian ran into resistance from the wife of the victim.   No problem – the judge entered an order annulling the marriage.   In another case, a complaining lawyer was jailed.   Release from jail was reportedly secretly conditioned on the lawyer giving up her First Amendment Rights and ignoring her duty pursuant to Rule 8.3.
The criminal law applies to these cases of guardianship abuse.  The common law (and its statutory counterparts) of fiduciary law apply also to this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and War on the Elderly and the Disabled but the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION and our State and Federal Government have virtually ignored their responsibility except in some rare situations.    The Philip Esformes situation is most important.   The Federal Grand Jury indicted Esformes in Florida for stealing a billion dollars from Medicare; however, here in Chicago it is apparent that the very same activity has been going on for years and Esformes and his cohorts not only are given a pass, but protection.   The Alice Gore case has a nexus to the Esformes nursing homes!    These miscreants actually bragged that the elderly were a commodity!    Alice Gore, Mary Sykes, Caroly Wyman **** indeed were commodities.   These commodities openly are voted for by the dominant nursing home operators and keep in power the corrupt political and judicial elite.
So blantant is the cover-up that Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court are not ashamed of their conduct – -Larkin is reported to teach legal ethics!   The Gillman lawyer disciplinary  case stands as a monument to the type of legal ethics that is now standard.   The USA indicted Gillman for fiduciary fraud and for theft from Federal Health care programs.   The indictment did not “move” the Illinois attorney disciplinary commission (IARDC) or the Illinois Supreme Court.   No disciplinary proceedings were filed even though lawyers wrote to Mr. Larkin suggesting that the public needed protection.   Larkin resisted until the hue and cry rose to a fevor pitch and Gillman pleaded guilty.  Reluctant proceedings were finally filed and languished.    (Mr. Gillman, unlike Mr. Amu is not black and not complaining about judicial corruption).    A call to action occurred when Larkin was informed that Gillman was corrupting with the United States of America IN ITS INVESTIGATIONS!    Almost immediately a Petition for a interim suspension was applied for and granted.    The lesson IS clear – in Illinois it is in the highest traditions of the BAR to breach your fidiciary relationship and oath as an attorney – but it is ethically challenged for an attorney to directly or indirectly cooperate with LAW ENFORCEMENT or expose corruption by judicial or political figures! 
The American Bar Association and the political elite are weak on enforcement.    More legislation is interesting but irrelevant if not followed up by vigorous and honest prosecution.    The President of the United States wants to provide an efficacious health system but cannot do so without vigorous enforcement of the Rights, privileges and Immunities of elderly!    The Philip Esformes indictment points out that billions of dollars are available to be stolen and Jerome Larkin has demonstrated here in Illinois that no stone will be left unturned by the Establishment to steal every loose dollar.
Morris Esformes in the Alice Gore case was allegedly asked – how can you do something so terrible.   His answer was: “because I can!”    Indeed without vigorous enforcement of the law and the disbarrment of criminals wearing black robes this encouragement is another will of the wisp!

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