From Ken Ditkowsky–108 arrested in sex ring in Illinois, 752 across the US

Finally, the authorities appear to be cracking down on the sex rings that ruin primarily young girls and women.

I know personally they are a mess after having survived human trafficking and there is NO help whatsoever for them and they are heavily damaged.;-752-arrested-across-us/1746351/

There are several building that everyone knows are filled with human trafficked people, and the authorities do nothing about it, but apparently the clouted and elite want their pretty women–even at the expense of ruining them.  Generally, it’s the aldermen and the DNC that are involved and they protect these disgusting life ruining businesses.  These young people should be in high school and college, not held against their will for sex for the rich and powerful.

We all know that DT has lawsuits and claims against him for rapes that occurred during paid sex, and there are sex rings that exist for the wealthy and famous.  But no young person should have to go through a rape.  It ruins them for life.  They can no longer function and society is left picking up the tab.

Thanks to ABC news for reporting on this and for the authorities trying to protect these young women and men.

9 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–108 arrested in sex ring in Illinois, 752 across the US

  1. You should check the current status on DT before you put “fake news” out for your followers to read

    The women you write about have been proven to be lies and set up by the DemocRats to make an attempt to get HC into the White House

    Have some integrity…

    (edited to remove political names, this blog is not about politics)

    • The lawsuit is still pending and has not been dismissed. They keep on saying she’s a liar, but the reality is, if there is a court case pending there is a problem. And DT has over 3500 lawsuits and 7 personal bankruptices I could find on Pacer and on Checkmate.
      If she’s a liar, she’s not dropping the suit and a jury will decide. I also know a private investigator that both DT and BC are part of the sex rings. I find that disgusting. Every politician should be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan before taking office, and no one that is a psychopath should be allowed to be in such a position of power, but psychopaths gravitate to politics because of the power and money.
      Thanks for your comment, but the lawsuit has not been dismissed as of today
      Also, please refrain from using political names, this blog is not about politics.

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