Great site on Dr. Karen Huffer and LAS or Litigation Abuse Syndrome (ha, I wonder if there is anything left to the ARDC rule that no one can malign or impugn a judge after that one.  If a lawyer just types in this website, are they liable?  my, times are a changing.  take note, Mr. Larkin and your alleged staff of competent litigators)

and here is another story of corruption in probate in Los Angeles, Cal, this time by a police officer.  No one is immune.

I wonder why they never have any CLE (Continuing Legal Education) on either Corruption in the Courts (how many videos have I posted on that one) or on Litigation Abuse Syndrome even though just about every lawyer knows it exists and can take an intelligent, capable and extremely competent, successful client from a position of power and authority into a blithering idiot, nearly incapable of getting out of bed every day to face the world.

There is nothing like litigation in a corrupt court, with a judge AND opposing counsel telling you day after day that white is black. up is down, north is south. Court is often nothing but a gaslighting facility.

And many people out there cannot afford attorneys. Especially after the GALs, opposing counsel and rubber stamping judges have stolen it all (Sykes, Gore, Frake, Houlihan, etc.) but the courts just keep on pounding and pounding away at these people and in the end, they’re a complete psychological mess.

There are a number of Dr. Karen Huffer videos on the website (in case you’re feeling alone in your case),  but if you’re looking to connect to court corruption victims, there are also quite a few of those, especially in California.

Good luck on your cases.  I am here to clean up the court system, and apparently a whole lot of people don’t like that from Jerome Larkin, Head Administrator of the Ill. Atty. Regn and Disciplinary Commission to a number of other people.

But I am here for you, the little guy and I am not going away. What I do now is report corruption to the authorities and work with them to see you all get justice.


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