From Facebook–Has anyone seen Karen Federighi?

She has not posted anything on Facebook for a while and it is feared she is now in a locked down facility being drugged, which she had feared all along.

She was guardianized, but still publishing on FB, crying out for help.  The authorities did not help her, but a fictitious guardianship continued, with her posts confirming she was of sound mind and afraid for her life.

She was being held in a hotel with someone from the court monitoring her.  While she had a cell phone, some money from pawning jewelry, etc., the court was giving her no money for food.  This is common in guardianships.

She was continually looking for someone to intervene and get her out.

If you have any information on her plight, please contact me so we can let her loved ones on FB know.  If you know where she is, please have her call me 773 255 7608 so I can confirm she is okay.  I can probably get some people to go over to where ever she is being held to check on her, or request the police do a wellness check.

Sadly, there is no system to intervene and help those in these false guardianships


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