Christmas and Holiday Blessings for those that are court ordered away from loved ones–in probate and in family court

A major reason I was suspended from law is because this blog writes the truth.  I have seen far tooo many people ripped from their loved one because of a psychopathic guardian or ex partner.  Gloria Sykes saw her mother a handful of times during a 5 year abusive guardianship. The GALs continue to deny their highly abusive behavior to this day and have never apologized to Gloria, nor has the Guardian, her sister. That is horrid.

Randy Robinson, due to the nefarious activities of GAL Mary Robinson is highly unlikely to see his mother, though they both love one another greatly, they are isolated from one another unfairly and without remorse from either Mary Robinson or the court.

Alan Frake has been separated from his father by the court appointed lawyers and GAL and the court. Again, no remorse, and worse yet, Alan Frake has been the subject of illegal and tortuous psychotropic drugging and neither the GAL nor the court appointed attorneys seem to care.  My view of the bench is that it was a love fest between the judge and the attorneys and the judge routinely used a rubber stamp to deny this family their civil and human rights.

Barbara Stone also comes to mind with the huge separation between her and her beloved mother. When she protested, corrupt Judge Michael Genden put an ankle bracelet or two on her legs.  Nonetheless, she continued to fight for her mom’s rights, despite all odds, until they threatened to kill off her mother if she persisted.  I do not want to be in that courtroom the day her mother passes, but I can tell you that Barbara Stone is a veracious fighter for human and civil rights and there will be a flurry of pleadings from her.

I know others have written me crying about abusive Guardians, separating parent from child, abusing the parent in a probate proceeding or guardianship, and other parents have called me crying they cannot see a beloved child because of falsified Protective Orders from a psychopathic parent. When will the courts start testing for psychopathy of our politicians, and political appointees and their minions (Larkin, Opryszek, Smart), and the GALs that abuse and destroy lives, and the judges.  How hard is a PET brain scan for psychopathy.  The ARDC and bar licensing authorities pretend they have rigorous screening, but this test is not even mentioned before any professional gets a license and all should be tested–politicians, judges, lawyers, nurses, teachers, police–all control the lives of others and psychopaths are drawn to wealth, power and control.

The difference between an MRI and a PET scan is that markers are used to see how the brain processes glucose–the food of the brain.  In normal people, they use all parts of the brain for love, kindness, tenderness, sympathy, empathy, guilt and remorse.  In a psychopathic brain scan, no nutrients are delivered to these areas because they are not used.  A psychopath typically has a flat affect and little emotion.  However, they do feel slight better when they see war, torture, humiliation, violence, deviant sex, bullying and nastiness.

Why aren’t we demanding routine tests for this and getting the psychopaths out of positions of power and control?

But I want everyone to know I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I continue to pray for and help all court corruption victims.  I see the files unconstitutionally sealed, the changed transcripts, the changed docket sheets, the file tampering, and worst of the lot is the fact that your average lawyer will not speak out and help people for low cost or free people that experience corruption in the court.

I believe we all have a duty to speak out.  I took my bar oath of office seriously.  I don’t think I am a saint, a hero or anything special.  I just think I am doing my job the way it ought to be done.  Now where are the rest of Illinois’ 83,000 lawyers speaking out on these topics?  Where are there blogs.  I see court corruption victims going to lawyer after lawyer after lawyer and no one tells them about corruption. I don’t believe there is a single CLE class anywhere on corruption in the court system, although it’s a major factor in the public distrust of judges, lawyers and the legal system.

Greylord is not dead.  It never went away. It continues to fester.

We need better lawyers and judges.  We have reached a crisis in the court system.  No one is fooled any longer.

We need more blogs and books. You want to start a court corruption blog or court victim blog, I’d be glad to help you. You want me to help you with a book on corruption in the courts, just ask.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas even though you can’t see your loved ones this holiday season due to corruption in the courts.

I pray the elderly and disabled are not tortured with illegal drugging with psychotropic drugs which have no place in nursing homes or group homes.

I am here for you all.


5 thoughts on “Christmas and Holiday Blessings for those that are court ordered away from loved ones–in probate and in family court

  1. Dear JoAnne,

    Thank you for all of the hard work you do in shedding light on this nightmare that so many of us are going through. Happy Holidays to you!


  2. Merry Christmas to you also. Thank you for all you have done. Hard to believe it happens in this country. People are not free they only think they are free. The struggle continues.

    • Dear Robert;
      Thank you so much for your kind words and a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones also. We all need to continue this fight for justice and accountability and to keep our loved ones safe in probate. I have heard far to many stories this year of absues in court. Let’s pray for a safer year for the disabled and elderly in 2017.

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