From You Tube: Another Elder held against his will in a lock down nursing home.


Unbelievable the things that are sent to my attention.

Take a look at this:  Milton Golin, an elderly veteran with a perfectly good home being held against his will in Peterson Park by two amazingly obnoxious staffers who say it’s illegal for the son to video tape them, but somehow false imprisonment and kidnapping of an elderly man is not.

Please pray for this horrible situation and that this man gets help.


I don’t know all the details yet, but Peterson Park should be ashamed of itself for doing this.  1) for lying about the fact it’s illegal to videotape the commission of a crime in progress and 2) for unlawful restraint, false arrest and kidnapping.


Of course Peterson Park is holding him for his estate or Medicare benefits, but this is a blatant violation of numerous federal and state laws that say the elderly can and should live where they want to.


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