From Ken Ditkowsky–time to Drain the Swamp of Probate Court

Subject: Re: Free Speech is under attack – if we do not protect our rights we will lose them forever!
Date: Dec 19, 2016 9:01 PM
The distraction of the election is NOW mercifully over.   For a few minutes politics is off the table.    The sole issue that is on the table is how do we recapture our democracy and in particular the Rights, Privileges, and Immunities of our Constitution.
This means very simply that we have to demand that Law Enforcement do an Honest Investigation of the scandal of Elder Cleansing and the concerted over-up that has been imposed by corrupt officials (such as the Administrator of the Illinois lawyer disciplinary commission IARDC) who has totally misused his office.   This is a Condition precedent.     We do not wish to violate the very laws that we want enforced.
I like Dr. Sugar’s project.   Another brave activist did something similar and filed it with the United Nations that the use of chemical restraints constitutes torture and is prohibited under the Geneva Convention.  Also, the isolation of elders is torture prohibited by the Geneva Convention.  Declaring undesired individuals incapacited and then drugging them and isolating them is just another of Hilter’s (read any psychopath’s) bag of tricks which has been used for nearly 100 years how.   I hope that the information that Dr. Sugar has requested can get to him quickly and that the filing with the UN can also be made part of his data base.
I’ve copied law enforcement on this e-mail.   I’ve also forwarded Jeff Golin’s video. I see that he sent a copy to Attorney Denison.   With a new broom in Washington, and the new broom wanting to “drain the swamp”  I hope that the first tier of ‘swamp’ that gets drained is (are) those entities (and people) who prey on the elderly and use public funds for a cover-up.   I’ve quite seriously suggested that the way to deal with these miscreants (including Jerome Larkin) is for the Internal Revenue (Department of the Treasury) and the State Department of Revenue to use their CIVIL powers of tax collection.   The Sykes case 09 P 4785 has 3 million dollars of taxable income not reported by the two guardian ad litem, the guardian, the attorneys for the guardian, co-conspirator Jerome Larkin, co-conspirator *****and all the other 18 UsCA 371 co-conspirators.  The booty (and tax fraud) = which includes a million dollars of gold coins, a real estate scam, etc = is earning interest and penalties each day as we speak ==  Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy, and the United States of America has a 20 trillion dollar debt.   Elder Cleansing booty is significant!  in addition it is collectible.   For instance, Larkin has funds that are available for garnishment and in a civil action HE HAS THE BURDEN OF PROOF!    (in a criminal action the government has the burden of proof).

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