From Karen Federighi–Day 265 in Guardianship, but more competent than those in the courtroom

Karen Federighi is a 57 year old woman, she is not incapacitated but was forced into an abusive and fraudulent guardianship by her miscreant sisters. She wants her freedom back that was taken away. Her unscrupulous guardian is in control of Karen’s money and life. Her guardian is also a felon! How can a felon control someone’s life when they couldn’t even control their own life.

here is the facebook link to her recent video showing that she is competent:


Day 275: The magistrate, every judge, the lawyers, and my formerly incarcerated guardian here in Collier County, FL simply ignores the law, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. No fact checking whatsoever. Decisions based on heresay alone. For 275 days, I have been illegally stripped of all of my civil rights in a 100% illegal, fraudulent, abusive, neglectful, and exploitative probate guardianship. Praying for pmy total freedom and all of my civil rights to be restored. But how? How am I to get free when everyone I have dealt in the court system has no morals, ethics, or conscience?

A new update:

Day 276: Wards of all ages in abusive probate guardianships are denied a healthy diet and often suffer from malnutrition and significant weight loss. From 01/22/16-03/23/16, I had to pawn my possessions for food. From 03/23/16-present, 2 of every 3 of my meals consist of the hotel’s free breakfast, which is great if one is on a vacation and has no dietary restrictions. So, I treat myself to one healthy meal per day. Today, I made pineapple and sweet potato latkes with avocado for dinner. Today, my abusive guardian refused to give me my own money to buy more food. Have to stretch the $7 I have left. Thankful I get to eat this meal while watching the World Series. Go Cubs!

From Joanne;

The video clearly shows that Karen is the victim of a false and abusive guardianship. The guardian in the photo does not care. She is clearly subject to 18 USC sec 4 for failure to report a felony to the authorities.

Karen will have to keep on contacting the FBI and all state authorities. She has been advised to call each day, every day until these false, fraudulent and abusive guardianships end.

And it’s not like we don’t have those problems in Illinois. Jerome Larkin, Administrator and head of the ARDC in Illinois ignores all complaints about attorneys that abuse and fleece the elderly on a daily basis: 99 year old Alice Gore, 29 gold teeth pulled, $1.5 million missing from her estate and the ARDC dismissed all valid complaints and then she was narcotized to death;  Mary G Sykes, 94 years old, $1 million in gold coins missing from the estate, no accounting on the trust or sale of the home, court held proceedings for 5 years without jurisdiction, complaints filed with the ARDC against attorney and all ignored, EXCEPT the ARDC went after honest attorneys that complained–myself and Ken  Then Mary Sykes was narcotized to death.  No investigation despite demands and clear knowledge of the facts.  All discovery of these corrupt, clouted cases quashed.  Ditkowsky and we both received lengthy suspensions for reporting felonies of 3 and 4 years, Alan Frake, drugged with psychotropic drugs and placed in a nursing home against his will, he is in grave danger and all ARDC complaints dismissed.

Illinois is said to be no. 1 in corruption, and with the 20+ videos of innocent unarmed black gunned down in cold blood for no reason at all on the South Side and these videos suppressed for months by the Mayor and the City Attorneys, you can see where the public stands in Illinois. The JIB or Judicial Inquiry Board dismisses valid complaints. The ARDC/Jermone Larkin dismisses valid complaints and does not care. Where are the investigations? The Discovery?  The depositions of the miscreants?  No where to be found in Illinois. Support cleaning up this mess.  Demand Accountability.  Get rid of the psychopaths they have placed at the heads of these agencies.

Do you see anything of accountability on the ARDC website or the JIB website?

The ARDC does not file its mandatory  Ethics Reports.  Many have questionable property records where one person takes out a loan and the other pays it off.  Judges, lawyers and other politicians all have this problem.  We must have outrage and make demands on our public officials, starting with the JIB and ARDC who license and fester crooked, corrupt lawyers and judges. Time to end all of that.  Time to take action.


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