From Facebook – FBI resecures 168 children and arrests 300 pimps for human trafficking in Missouri

FBI operation rescues 168 children from sex trafficking, puts nearly 300 pimps behind bars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A crackdown on child sex trafficking hits close to home. The FBI in Kansas City revealed the results of an investigation Monday, noting that nationwide 50 percent more kids were rescued this year than last.

But authorities say the work to end trafficking is far from over. Often times people think of sex trafficking as a foreign issue, but those in the know say it happens in your own backyard more than you think.

One of the girls picked up in this sweep was picked up right here in Kansas City. Nationally, hundreds of law enforcement agencies participated, resulting in 168 children being recovered and nearly 300 pimps getting arrested.

Another victim was also picked up in Wichita and seven pimps from the region were arrested. The Justice Project assisted with the operation and received the rescued girls.

“We’ve got folks here that have been where you have been. We know what it’s like to suffer from all of these things,” said Justice Project executive director Kris Wade.

“A lot of these children come from areas where they’re just not secure about their surroundings. They feel like they’re not belonging to something,” said FBI special agent in charge Michael Kaste.

Authorities don’t know how many more kids could be in peril. That’s why the community is asked to be vigilant. To know what to look out for, click on these links:

FBI on human trafficking

Hiding in Plain Sight

The Justice Project KC

From Joanne:

We know there are building in Chicago that house human trafficked women and the city does nothing about it. Lawyers do nothing about it. The authorities do nothing about it.

These women are not criminals, but they are victims of human trafficking.

If you know of a place in Chicago where this is happening, let me know and I will report it, again and again and again.

Lawyers know of it, but the ARDC does nothing.

This is a terrible human tragedy that must be reported and stopped.


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