From Ken Ditkowsky on the need for more courtwatchers

A few years ago here in Illinois the League of Woman Voters sent their members out to be ‘court watchers.’   The Court watchers reported some of the outrageous actions that were evident is some of the Courts.   The constant pressure brought a measure of reform that has since dissipated.     
The Court watcher makes the Court proceeding more open and does create a small deterrent.    Criminal prosecutions of really corrupt judicial officials is more difficult as the Judges are part of a corrupt system that protects its own; however, it is possible when particular judges are targeted.    The removal of corrupt judges is also possible if enough of a hue and cry is raised; however, the pressure has to be kept up and be unrelenting.   
To become a Judge in Cook County, the Chicago Tribune reported that a ‘cash payment’ has to be made to a Democratic operative.    The Tribune reported the cash payment as $50,000.00, however, during the last election cycle it was reported to me that the payment had been increased to $150,000 for a State Court Judgeship and about a 1/4 of million for a Federal position.   This payment is illegal.   Obviously the Democratic Party officials are not going to allow a prosecution of the culprits and are going to allow the candidate to recoup his investment through some extra-circular remunerations.   Eliminating the crooks who are part of the Criminal Establishment is not in cards.
However – the State of Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy.   The extra-circular income (booty) that the Judge earns – directly or indirectly is taxable income at both the State and the Federal Income.  Pursuant to 18 USCA 371 every one who aids and abets the criminal activity is a co-conspirator and liable criminally.    All we have to do is catch one of the miscreants and we put a dent in the system.    Conspirators as a matter of law are liable jointly and severally –  This means when Jerome Larkin acts to protect the corrupt Judge, Larkin has joint and several liability with the ‘bent’ jurist!    This liability is for taxes, interest and penalties.
JoAnne Denison, who is copied on this e-mail can tell you were to find a proper form so that you and all who desire can report to the IRS the illegal remuneration of the jurist targeted.   Naming the co-conspirators – i.e. the lawyers, clerks, et al that aid and abet the criminal conduct also will put a dent into the scenario authored by the corrupt judge.   The IRS is reputed to investigate every charge made by citizens.
Al Capone got away with a cornucopia of felonies – the government’s need for money is the corrupt elitist’s Achilles heel.   The people who pay the remuneration (bribe) also receive a taxable benefit.   They also should be paying the taxes, interest and penalties.
NB.   So far here in Illinois we are batting zero, zero, zero on this tactic; however, I and others are pushing back every day.   I am confident that one day I will read about the Federal Agents who enforced the Rule of Law and took down another group of corrupt Illinois political operatives.       
For those of you that need the form for tax scoundrels (yes, we need the money for Obama care and college funds for students struggling under heavy student loan payments.  College, it turns out in Europe is much cheaper than the US or free and health care is also free–and much more cost effective than our US system which is run by the drug companies.
Why isn’t the FBI looking into mine and Lanre Amu’s case and Ken Ditkosky’s case saying we must not talk about corruption in Chicago. What is Madigan, Alvarez, Saltoun doing about the ARDC, what is the FBI doing about the ARDC?   How do thy excuse the fact it is $150k for a state judgeship now and $250k for a federal judgeship?  What about the state’s attorney who was found in a small rural community in central Illinois with $500k in her campaign fund. What was that for?
The FBI needs to start pulling bank records and deposit slips for certain attorneys, judges and the ARDC.
The Illinois Supreme Court has to tell the ARDC to file their Ethics Reports and comply with Illinois Law.  Both the FBI and the States Attorneys should demand this or prosecute.  Or the Illinois State Legislature better put some teeth in the 2009 Ethics Reporting act and let citizens sue and investigate themselves bank records and financial transactions.
Thanks Ken

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