From Ken Ditkowsky–on how the culture has changed and unethical attorneys are now protected for their clout

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Everyone reads the news for his/her parochial perspective and thus in many situations it is easy to read that x plus y equals z and find more than one interpretation.    The problem that we face in today’s society is that the political and the judicial elite members of the “establishment” have determined that we (the great unwashed) are too stupid to understand the proposition aforesaid and thus have translated the proposition to a plus b equals c.     Thus, we have anomalies and outright assaults on the First Amendment.    These assaults are so commonplace that we are starting to get used to them.  We are starting to question what we originally were taught about the First Amendment and we are starting to think that only the elite have First Amendment rights and that agencies such as Madigan’s offices, the ARDC, the IDPFR and the OIG can tell citizens what they can say, or must refrain from saying about the performance of our government.  No they cannot.  Reread Citizen’s United  and not the part about how corporations have the same rights as citizens.  Read the parts about how the US govt and the State governments cannot tell US citizens what to say or not say.
The most prevalent and obnoxious assaults on the First Amendment that I have personally witnessed are those committed by Jerome Larkin as administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and as agent for the Supreme Court of Illinois.    Not only has Larkin openly and notoriously unashamedly abrogated the First Amendment and Article One of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 but he has been overtly frugal with the truth.      Few public officials have demonstrated the temerity and arrogance of Larkin and apparently gotten away with it.     The most recent example of this infamous conduct was the disciplinary proceedings involving attorney JoAnne Denison.     Therein Larkin not only distorted and misrepresented the holdings in SCOTUS cases, but told outright lies and went so far as to characterize a lawyer’s blog disclosing judicial corruption as being akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”      In an honest judicial system, Larkin would be not only facing disbarment but the judicial system would find that his practicing law dangerous to the public and he would face an interim suspension [1].
Of course, here in Illinois disciplinary proceedings are reserved for attorneys who act in accordance with ABA Rule 8.3 and disclose corruption.     It is a matter of policy that Lawyers who steal from trust funds, from the public, or commit crimes are not a danger to the public in the eyes of the Attorney disciplinary commission (IARDC).      Their actions in support of the cancer of corruption that pollutes Illinois is rewarded; therefore Judges who subordinate perjury, commit perjury, and admit on page 91 of their evidence deposition to being ‘wired” or “fixed” are honored and recognized for their service in victimizing the elderly and the disabled.     HERE IN ILLINOIS, in particular, – equal treatment before the Law = has become the exception rather than the rule.      (Unfortunately, it is ditto for Florida, California, etc)    If you are a member of the ‘elite’ the law does not apply to you.
The generic problem has been revealed in recent revelations revealed in the documents disclosed concerning one of the presidential candidates.    These documents indicate that the candidate was deemed to be immune from the law.   The mishandling secret documents were given a pass, however, a sailor who took a selfie aboard a submarine was faced with jail because he might have revealed some secret.    The cover-up has National attention, but no consequences.      In a similar manner in Illinois, an attorney who stole millions in hospice funds and trust funds (Seth Gillman) was reluctantly prosecuted for the ethical violation after he pleaded guilty to the criminal action.    It is significant that no petition for interim suspension of his law license was applied by Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 after the plea of guilty.   However, immediately after it became public that Attorney Gillman was co-operating with the United States of America an application was filed and obtained for an interim suspension of his law license to protect the public [2].
Lanre Amu’s complaint pursuant to Rule 8.3 as to the misconduct of a sitting judge were echoed almost word for word by the respected Crain’s Chicago Business magazine.    The judge did not deny the allegations, however, Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators had no trouble = without a scintilla of evidence – in determining the Amu lied.     Amu’s license was suspended on an interim basis as his reporting corruption in the Courts was a danger to the public.    Ditto for JoAnne Denison.
Something is wrong with the picture and something has to happen to remediate it.    The political and the judicial elite have to be subject to the same rules and obligations as the rest of us.      Jerome Larkin and all the public officials who violate their public trust to create a dichotomy in law enforcement must be driven from public office.     No public official should be given a pass for conduct that another citizen goes to jail.     It may be politically incorrect to mention the cover up by the political establishment in covering up that disclosure that the wife of a public official converted a $1000 investment into a $100,000 cattle futures profit in a single year.    The revelation that such a return on capital was so improbable except for fraud did not motivate Law enforcement and in particular the  SEC to investigate the transaction –   Indeed the rule followed as that an elite member of the establishment was involved in the very suspicious transaction and thus the miscreant was given a pass.    It should be noted that in the very same news cycle it was reported that  a young lawyer bragged to his mother about a law firm assignment to work on a merger between two public corporations resulted in criminal prosecution.     The theft of a $1,000,000 in gold coins (see Gloria Sykes affidavit) by a Court appointed guardian was of course not to be investigated –members of the political and judicial elite were involved!     Censorship was imposed on those requesting an investigation and disclosing the theft!     The Era of cover-up has been broached and it is un-American to interfere.    Right is left, up is down, corruption is ethical, ****  This is the new gold standard that is being imposed on us.       Larkin in his ethics classes to lawyers teaches that Disciplinary proceedings are to be used to thwart any HONEST INVESITIGATION of crimes by the protected elite members of the establishment [3].
How does this all happen in the United States of America?    Complacency and tolerance of criminal behavior by the political and judicial elite of the establishment.     These elites use their public positions for their own personal National Socialist agendas and unless halted by us (the great unwashed) they will destroy the inheritance of our children and grandchildren.
The handwriting is on the wall.      Even a naïve and innocent soul such as yours truly can see it, thus the sophisticated souls who have been exposed to the facts of the Sykes and Gore cases should understand the danger instanter *****.
He failure to recognize  this problem normally can be dismissed as human vulnerability.    We all suffer from it; however,   ******
As a footnote, I have to admit that for many years (about four decades) I too swept the corruption I saw under the rug and refused to deal with it.      My rationalizations are irrelevant as I am as guilty as anyone could be in not wanting to get involved.    I rationalized that sometimes it was better to look the other way and get the hell out.    I explained by reciting the following events, to wit:
  Back in the 1980s my wife and traveled to England.    You have to travel with my wife to appreciate the absolute joy and pleasure you experience.    Back roads, interesting people and fun appear around every corner and no matter where you look  –   I tell people (quite sincerely) she can book you a tour in Hell and you will have more fun than you ever anticipated.   Thus, when she informed me that we were going to a something or other in Piccadilly Circus (London) I made no protest and actually looked forward to whatever was on the agenda.    It turned out to be a performance by TOM LEAR.      The program left my sides sore from laughing!    (one of his songs was “Killing pigeons in the Park”)      It was a treat.
On the way out of the theater we found ourselves in the bowels of Piccadilly in one of those never ending ques.    In the background, Judy heard singing.    She called my attention to it, and a few minutes later we wandered into pub filled with a score of jolly men about my size and weight all having a wonderful old time.    We were welcomes as if we were long lost cousins and it was not long before I and my new found companions were purchasing pints for each other and laughing.     My fraternity parties were sober affairs compared to this!    The party continued for some time before I noticed that the participants were gravitating to one side of the bar or the other.    My immediate companions were leading me to their side of the room.   It occurred to me that each group was part of a different regiment and my group was one man short and I was being recruited.    My size, and physical well -being were *****
It occurred to me that in the very near future there were going to be some unpleasantness and I was going to be right in the middle of it.    At that point in time, I wandered over to my wife, and hustled her to the door amidst her strong protest – “ they are not done singing yet!”     Indeed, I retorted – good thing!    The next morning, I read in the Times all about the ‘fight’ that we missed and how some Bobbies had been hospitalized with minor injuries trying to intervene.      Most of my ‘new found’ friends spent the night addressing the long arm of the law.    It seems that brawls in pubs were not particularly well received in London.    (None of us were part of the ‘elite!’
Fortunately, I had been aware of my surrounding and had the good sense to be the Hell out of there before the fight began.    Being arrested for public brawling in London was not on my agenda – it could have been and could have had some very unpleasant consequences.
 Ignoring the assaults on the 14th Amendment (equal protection of the law) and on the First Amendment can and will have much more than unpleasant circumstances.     It is distinguishable – we cannot afford to ignore it !      Ignoring it can be fatal!     This is not a parochial fight – it is a fight to preserve all that America stands for.

[1] It has been suggested that I have a personal vendetta concerning Mr. Larkin.    I wish it was that simple.   Anyone who examines the Illinois Court System and in particular the guardianship/elder cleansing scandal cannot help but be appalled.     Justice Jackson, as the presiding Justice of the Nazi infamy/War Crime trials could not get over the perniciousness of the National Socialists in categorizing and collecting the gold from the teeth of the Holocaust victims.   The world shared his disgust and horror; however, right here in Cook County, Illinois a sitting judge sat silent as her appointee guardian ad litem resurrected that horror by prospecting for and collecting the grains of gold that were found in the teeth (29) wrongfully removed from Alice Gore’s mouth.     This particular action was in of itself infamously reprehensible and should have generated an HONEST INVESTIGATION – which never came!    It did not come because the “fix” was in!    That ‘fix’ was successful because Jerome Larkin stood at the courthouse door to protect the unspeakable criminals!     He actually rejected the calls of the aggrieved family for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.  (See Probate Sharks).    This rejection is much more than an abrogation of his civic and public responsibility – it is a crime against humanity.     Unfortunately it is not his only crime against humanity that remains unaddressed a protected because of a corrupt judicial and political cabal that has been profiting by the elder cleansing scandal operation.
[2] The spin masters who make their living distorting the facts so that the actions of the Political and Judicial elite are immune from having to be dealt with pursuant to the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution   (Equal footing under the law) might argue that such was a coincidence.     It might be, however, there is an adage that our respective mothers drilled home:  “fool me once – shame on you;  fool me twice – shame on me  “    What is the explanation advanced concerning the exploration of the GAL for the exploration for gold in Alice Gore’s mouth?    What is the explanation for the disciplinary proceeding against JoAnne Denison for exposing corruption and compliance with Rule 8.3?    What is the explanation for the outright misrepresentations in the documents filed by Mr. Larkin?     The circle of corruption is not only complete but it is polluting the atmosphere so completely that honest people will soon find the State of Illinois to be intolerable!
[3] It has been reported that the “ethics disclosures” required to public officials is no longer observed many of the keepers of the public conscience.     It has been reported in articles by ******** and investigations by others that Jerome Larkin and others at the IARDC do not file the required disclosure statements.    It has also been revealed by an attorney formerly employed at the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation that they also have many in their office who do not comply with the disclosure laws.

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The 1979 publication of The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations detailed with painful precision the devolution of morality in American culture and how it was being replaced by an ethic of ME.  What we are seeing play out on the national election platform is very likely the end result of this devolution.

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