From Ken Ditkowsky on the Never Ending Suspension of Judicial Activist Andy Ostrowski

To: Pennsylvania Courtwatch <>, PA Governor’s Office <>
Subject: The Law License of Andrew Ostrowski
Date: Sep 21, 2016 8:00 PM
American needs a infusion of Honesty and Honor!    The Elder Cleansing miscreants have declared war on the elderly and the disabled – and our society remains silent.   Some of our political elite have declared war on the First Amendment and seek to intimidate lawyers in particular and the citizens in general from speaking out freely.    Here in Illinois we had an attorney who lost his license to practice law for pointing out a conflict of interest.    A Judge refused to recuse herself even though she was on the Board of Directors of the defendant and her brother was an attorney in the law firm representing the defendant.   A respected business newspaper (Crains Chicago Business Daily) reported the same conflict of interest.    In Kangaroo proceedings the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, without benefit of proof, claimed that it was unethical to report the judge’s indiscretion and the reporting lawyer was suspended from practice.   The judge was given a pass!    
The very same disciplinary commission barred from a public hearing one person – Diane Nash – one of the Icons of the Civil Rights movement.   I and others attended the hearing without problem.   There was an empty seat next to me.   Jim Crow is still alive and well in Illinois!     
Andy Ostrowski has demonstrated his devotion to the Bill of Rights, and we have been lead to believe that his belief in the Sanctity of the First Amendment is a deterrent to his law license being reinstated.   I, as a citizen of the United States of America cannot sit quietly and allow such an outrage to occur and not raise my voice.   What a terrible example I would set for my children and grandchildren if I was fiddled while Pennsylvania burned!      How can any of us sit quietly as our beloved republic is being pillaged by public officials who do not honor America’s core values?   
I wrote the following letter, in support of Andy – Please stand up and be counted.    America needs a victory!     Citizens rising up and supporting those among us who are leading the fight against Elder Cleansing, Judicial Corruption, Public Corruption and the cancers that target our Democracy must be supported.  Andy is a respected leader in our defense of liberty he deserves our support!
                                                                                                                               Kenneth Ditkowsky
                                                                                                                           6150 Forest Glen
Chicago, Illinois 60646
812 914 1945
The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Judicial Center 
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 5600 
P.O. Box 62625 
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2625
Re: Reinstatement of Mr. Andrew Ostrowski to Practice Law
Honorable Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
On November 28, 1961 I was admitted to the Illinois Bar, and for the next 53 years I practiced law in the Courts of Illinois.     My practice led me to the Courts of last resort in Illinois even to the Supreme Court of the United States where I presented the case of Terrazas vs. Vance.    This letter is to convey to you my total support of the readmission of Andrew Ostrowski to practice law in the Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.      Pennsylvania (and the Several States) need advocates to fight for Constitutional and Civil Rights like Mr. Ostrowski.     Pennsylvania needs courageous attorneys such as like Andy Ostrowski to represent citizens injured in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
Today the legal profession is under siege and needs to redeem itself from the quagmire of corruption that it has been accused of participating.    Pennsylvania itself has been touched by the scandal of its Attorney General being convicted of a crime and being disbarred.    Even the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has not escaped bad press.
 That said, there are in this State many whose Rights have been abridged in recent years who will have a competent, moral, and compassionate Advocate in Mr. Ostrowski, upon his reinstatement.    Andrew Ostrowski stands ready, willing and able to be a lawyer that Pennsylvania can be proud of.   Indeed, Attorney Ostrowski has acquired a reputation both in his home State and Nationally of being a vigorous defender of America’s core values and the Rule of Law.    There is no just reason why Mr. Ostrowski should not be reinstated to the practice of law.     Mr. Ostrowski should be reinstated to practice law in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on this important matter, your truly, 
Kenneth K. Ditkowsky/
Ken Ditkowsky

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