From Roseanne Miller in Ohio–Her THIRD false arrest by Bellfonatine Police Dept

When will this every end?

Subject: Status of Roseanne Miller–she has been falsely arrested again PLUS her 3 email accounts have been hacked!
Roseanne has been very, very upset.  When she called me today she had been crying and is very distraught over her THIRD false arrest.

This time, she had apparently asked a fire fighter friend what some sort of contraption was that she found in the house.  He told her it was a home made bomb trap (which her evil brother likely set), and her friend called the bomb squad.  In the confusion, the police ran a background check on HER and claim that they found an outstanding warrant for non payment of a contempt fee, which is of course illegal because under the Ohio constitution imprisonment for debts are specifically prohibited.
She was arrested on Thursday and I understand it was fairly harrowing because the police don’t like her for speak out about the abuse and murder of her parents.  I have published a police report from Bellefontaine Ohio that claims elders can be subject to lethal and dangerous amounts of drugs, well, because they are old.  I published that.
The Bellefontaine OH police hate her.
Next she finds out all 3 of her email accounts have been hacked and she can’t reset them and can barely get in to retrieve a single email at at time, I don’t know what’s up with that.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and call or email her if you have her phone or email and reassure her everything will be okay and she has a perfectly valid 42 USC sec 1983/85 complaint for her with abuse of process, malicious prosecution, false arrest, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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