From Ken Ditkowsky–Coverups in Chicago

The distinction between an INVESTIGATION and an HONEST INVESTIGATION is night and day.
It is a fact that a Grand Jury could indict a ‘ham sandwich’ and all too often the Grand Jury is a prosecutor’s tool for defaming a person who is either a political or personal target.   Today, police are the scapegoat for the corruption in the Courts, the lack of integrity in certain communities and homes, the failure of the courts and *****.    
The Weekend total in Chicago was reported as 8 dead and 32 wounded on just the South and West Sides of Chicago.    Chicago is a major American city!    Why the violence?
Why are certain communities UNSAFE?    
There is no single cause.  Putting more police on the streets will not work.  Chicago already has the toughest gun laws in the US.   Good people have been marching decrying the chaos?    Racists, corrupt political types, dogooders, liberals, conservatives etc have blamed just about everyone and everything, and still honest good people are living in fear and no solution is in sight.
To to solve a problem all the facts have to be examined.   Inconvenient facts cannot be over-looked, rationalized, and discarded.
The McDonald shooting occurred just before the Chicago election for mayor.   The media was running wild as it reported on the killing by the police in Missouri of a local hoodlum.   A parallel, but unrelated killing of a young black thug in Chicago would have changed the election result and our current mayor most probably would have been defeated.   Thus, a ‘cover=up’ was called for.
The cover-up that I am talking about was not police related – it was political!    it was also media related!    It is the same cover-up that goes on to protect the status quo in regard to elder cleansing and similar embarrassments!
The family and hangerons to the family of Laquan McDonald had the mayoral election in their hands.  IF THEY FILED A LAWSUIT, THE JIG WAS UP!   AFRICAN AMERICANS “activists and their hangeron opportunists”  WOULD BE STIRRED TO RIOT IN CHICAGO AND every decent citizen Chicago would feel threatened by the violence and disorder.   It was a time for Chicago’s political elite to stand up and be counted.   It was time to prove that the forces of law and order could and would stand up to protect the People of the City of Chicago from the hoodlums who felt that no opportunity for disorder, scandal, and/or violence should go to waste.
Of course, as our leaders believe we are stupid all fifty Alderman and the Mayor of Chicago engaged in the cover-=up,  The bribed the “family” of Laquan McDonald with a five million dollar payout.   This was not a bribe paid by the ‘white’ establishment! It was a bribe paid by the entire City government to keep the public from timely knowledge of the horrific killing of a young hoodlum and keep the political elite in power.    
What will the grand jury do?    It will indict a few policeman as scapegoats so that the real criminals – i.e. our 50 alderman and our mayor – can demonstrate that they “care” about the African American community and have solidarity with it.   The status quo will be preserved and next week a dozen or so innocent citizens who happen to have a dark hue to their skin will lose their lives as the miscreants ravage Chicago’s communities.     The real criminals who engaged in the cover-up will go free and bombast who racist those who are not content to stay silent are!   
Even the civil rights activists such as ACLU, **** join in the cover-up.   Lanre Amu was suspended from the Practice of Law for exposing the corruption of Judge Egan to the Lawyer disciplinary commission.   This outrage has been met by very loud silence. Not even an expose of the same facts by Crain’s Chicago Business could motivate the 2nd oldest profession to defend one of its own from the obvious prevarications of Jerome Larkin and the IARDC.    Practicing Law while Black and Honest and Christian is now prohibited in Illinois by the IARDC and Jerome Larkin and James Grogin.
Indeed, when the Political and Judicial elite feel threatened the CONSTITUTION is suspended.   Diane Nash was barred by Jerome Larkin and the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission from a public hearing masquerade.   Only the organizer of the Selma Civil Rights march was barred from the proceeding.   The Civil Rights groups could have cared less!
Do I have to go on?    When public authorities are not in compliance with the law, it is not unusual for 8 people to die and 30 plus to be shot on a single weekend in Chicago.   The law when applied only to protect the political and judicial elite loses its validity and force.   IT IS TIME for America to insist that everyone be subject to the same Rules and held to the same standard.    This concept of Equal Justice for all includes Rahm Emanuel, Jerome Larkin et al — Those of us who object to the refusal of our current government to require the universal application of protection of equal protection of the law may be labeled deplorables, but we have learned to live by the rule – ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me!’  Indeed, true Americans are not going to be silenced because of the fact that what they say is not politically correct and may offend some of the Elites of government.
Ken Ditkowsky

From: Tribune Alert <>
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2016 10:47 AM
Subject: Grand jury to look into possible cover-up by cops in Laquan McDonald shooting

September 12, 2016
A grand jury will be impaneled to investigate a possible cover-up by Chicago police in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald at the request of a special prosecutor appointed in July to investigate the matter.

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