From Ken Ditkowsky–how the ARDC persecutes the honest and covers up for the elite

And the citizens lose in the end.

We have seen Kangaroo trials at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission, and the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    The miscreants are so proud of their accomplishment of elder cleansing so many here in Illinois that they even brag about it, and nothing upsets the great unwashed.     
In case you have forgotten, in the Alice Gore case the miscreants went so far as to investigate her mouth, and when they discovered that there was gold in her filings, they took out 29 teeth to salvage a few grains of the gold metal.     In the Mary Sykes case they not ignored all the protections provided for the Guardianship Act,, Illinois Constitution (Article 1), statutes, the bill of rights etc and robbed the estate of 3 million dollars before disposing of their victim.   It is all to be read in case 09 P 4585 including the amazing deception in the service of process.   Indeed so proud of their handiwork the presiding Judge on page 91 of her evidence deposition actually admitted to being ‘wired’   (induced by unknown considerations to come up the desired result regardless of the facts, the law, or the evidence).    THIS IS ILLINOIS MENTAL HEALTH PROTECTION AND ENFORCEMENT.
When ordinary citizens attempted to expose these heinous crimes harassment and intimidation were the name of the game.    I’ve laid out the harassment previously so I will omit it this time, but say instead that the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed Jerome Larkin’s assessment that disclosure of judicial corruption is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    Over a month ago when it is revealed that Larkin engaged with State funds unlicensed court reporters and then embezzled public funds to pay them off for whatever they did illegally, not only did law enforcement do nothing, but the Illinois Supreme Court did nothing, and the media created a loud silence.
The double standard of law enforcement has been brought forth to public attention by the government giving Hillary Clinton  a special and illegal dispensation and free pass for not only lying to everyone, but placing the Nation’s security in jeopardy.     It is not really a surprise that Jerome Larkin and his band of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators are able to get away with assaulting the First Amendment and using government positions to silence critics of the current Holocaust!     
While it was apparent from day one that Clinton had the fix in, at the very least Jerome Larkin should pay the Federal and State Income taxes on the booty derived from the elder cleansing scandal.     If he gets away with it, what assurance do you have the YOU may not be the next victim of elder cleansing and is fantastically successful cover-up.    Democracy is not a spectator sport and equal protection of the law is it foundation.    We may not see Equal protection of the Law on the Federal level, but by gum Jerome Larkin and each of his miscreants are expendable and far more dangerous to us personally.    There may be guardianship in your future!!!!.

Absolutely true in the Courts that are racked by corruption; however, where we have honest judges the Rule of Law still applies.    The object has to be to bring back honesty and integrity into the Court system.   
Exactly how we do it is the question!

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