Request for funding to go to Washington DC this Wednesday

Right now we are raising funds for airfare or an airline ticket so I can go to Washington and talk to the Senate Subcommittee on Aging on Wed, June 15, 2016 at 2pm to help corruption victims who have experienced a loss of a loved one in Probate or Custody through corruption (lack of jurisdiction, changed transcripts, lying in court, false evidence, lying shrinks and courtroom vendors. I want to ask this Subcommittee to appoint a special investigator and return the loved ones to their families with a POA and an Elder Assistant volunteer who meets with the elder once per week and helps them pay bills and make decisions. Also, all monies taken from fraudulent proceedings, the attorneys, nursing homes and court vendors will be returned to the loved one and their family members.

Most of you are familiar with the work we do and how we help everyone and do not turn anyone away.

Currently, we are working on my taking cases in courtroom corruption in Probate to the Senate Subcommitte on the judiciary and demanding they appoint a special investigator and investigating all the corrupt cases were seniors and the disableds are at high risk of the procedure of “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate” as well as custody corruption where parents are denied co parenting due to corruption in the court room (no service of pleadings, no due process, evaluation reports ignored, lying shrinks, etc.) We will be taking cases to the Senate Subcommittee on the judiciary and demanding a special investigator.

All our work is important. We return loved ones and their monies to their families.

No donation is too small. Everyone who request will be put on my prayer list if you do not have the funds to donate, just let me know.

You can text, email or facebook a check to my name or “Justice4 Every1, NFP” or you can donate by paypal to or text a check to 773 255 7608.

We do not have any government funding as yet and we rely on donations. We are a 501(c)(4) social justice Not for Profit and donations are not tax deductible so we can support and endorse new laws that stop corruption in its tracks (requiring waiver of rights to be in writing or recorded by GAL’s, etc.)

If I can’t raise the funds as yet, I will ask to appear by Skype and I’m faxing the subcommittee today.

thank you for reading this


2 thoughts on “Request for funding to go to Washington DC this Wednesday

  1. How much do you need to raise? …Can all of the guardianship reform advocacy groups put your request on their websites? – Is the Boomers Against Elder Abuse group involved?

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