Exciting new blog–Rockford Fraud by John Bystrom

John Bystrom has been very active in uncovering fraud and corruption in Rockford–the type of news mega media just won’t print, but everyone in town knows it is going on and on and on. The state’s attorneys won’t touch it, the FBI in Rockford won’t touch it, but John Bystrom has been investigating and publishing and now has his own blog–a blog for sure you won’t want to miss.

go sign up for his new blog at:  https://rockfordfraud.wordpress.com/Rockford fraud exposed

Rockford fraud exposed

My name is Jonathan Bystrom. I am from Rockford, Illinois. The frauds of Rockford have become so numerous, I am forced to excercise my First Amendment rights for my protection. I hope this effort helps myself, as well as others, who have found themselves on the receiving end of Rockford’s frauds.

In the coming months, I will inform you of what I have witnessed in what I refer to as Rockford Fraud’s Greatest Hits.

In the meantime, please visit http://www.MaryGSykes.com. You’ll find that in Illinois real estate is the currency for the con-artists who run the courts and everything they can get their filthy paws on in this state. It is no wonder why people are leaving Rockford and this state in record numbers.

The local illicit cartel in Rockford has been protected by Jerome Larkin at the Attorney Registration & Diciplinary Commission. Attys. JoAnne Denison and Ken Ditkowsky had their law licenses suspended for blogging the truth of the quid pro quo in Chicago Probate Court. Their revelations are no less than shocking and heartbreaking. They are heroes of the first caliber. Their courageous efforts are of the most noble of the Human Race.

A Supreme example in ancient times said, “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren (and sisters), ye have done it unto Me.” Same goes for the evil doers.

The local political crooks in Rockford stole more than $500,000 by fraud upon the court, while “they” had me in their filthy arena. Even though I am an investor in The Rock River Times, and was the first Assistant Editor for the paper, my rights could not have been violated any worse.

Framing innocent people, like me, is sport to the criminals we call public officials. As a taxpayer of Rockford and Winnebago County, you should be more than concerned for the way these agents of the court use your tax dollars to steal millions from the innocent.

The above photograph was taken in 1982 in Corrientes, Argentina. The bridge in the background is the Belgrano Bridge, spanning the Parana River. Just up the Paraguay River, which runs into the Parana, is Bolivia. In that same year, I was told by a most reliable source, that the intelligence agencies of the surrounding countries had taken over Bolivia for the international drug traffickers, to fund the covert operations and dirty tricks that are seldom prosecuted.

According to former DEA Agent Michael Levine in his book “White Lies,” the “Butcher of Lyon” Nazi Klaus Barbie, who murdered hundreds of children in Lyon, France during WWII, ran the operation for the CIA.

According to Ambrose Evans Pritchard’s book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton,” Arkansas was the drop-off point for more than $6 billion in cocaine shipments during his governorship. Wall Street Journal Columnist Micah Morrison wrote many articles in the 1990s about the murder of two boys from Saline County, Arkansas. Don Henry and Kevin Ives stumbled upon the cocaine drops and were killed by the very people the Saline County taxpayers paid to protect their rights. A 19-year-old female courier drove the drugs to its end destination–Rockford, Illinois.

The unprosecuted murderers went free. It became known as, “The Most Famous Murder Mystery in America.

As a missionary in Argentina I risked my life everyday. In Rockford, Illinois I do the same. For the past 38 years, I have been at the mercy of the sociopaths who are paid to protect yours and my rights in Rockford. We don’t get very good protection. In fact, many have no protection at all.

After digesting the content of http://www.MaryGSykes.com, you will not have to wonder “how” they get away with endless frauds upon us.

My great-grandmother Katherine Weinberg from Hamburg, Germany used to say, “Know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” Can you handle the Truth?

I am free and have every intention to remain so. If you don’t already know the truth, my suggested reading above should begin to set you free also.

Please stay tuned!

Jonathan Bystrom

published with permission of the author, he’s my friend.

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