Ukranians Throw their Corrupt Politicians into Dumpsters

and wheel them away.  Well, that’s one solution.

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The Shame of the Elder Cleansing scandal lies heavily on the corruption political and judicial criminals who are preying on our elderly but it also lies heavily on those of us who are not actively pursuing HONEST INVESTIGATIONS and prosecutions of the miscreants.  
The Kitty Genovese case still remains one of those situations that haunts so many of us.   For your convenience I’ve copied from the on-line edition of the Wall Street Journal the film review of a movie that should remind us our shame.    
How in America can the kidnapping of grandma be condoned, or tolerated?    How in America can grandma’s mouth become a gold prospecting site?     How in America can an American who immigrated from Africa be deprived of his law license by a public official who is frugal with the truth and who exhibits overt racial discrimination?    How in America and calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of corruption be grounds for suspension of law licenses?    
It is occurring and Jerome Larkin has not been fired from his public position – HE TEACHES ETHICS TO LAWYERS!

‘The Witness’ Review: Searching for the Truth About Kitty Genovese

More than 50 years after a murder shocked the nation, the victim’s brother revisits the supposed facts of the crime

I have no idea what Jerome Larkin was thinking when he went after myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for telling the truth and then running kangaroo proceedings against us, for certain my website is legendary in the cover up of corruption by government officials.

Cynthia Farenga Harvey Waller, Peter Schmeidel, Adam Stern and Deborah Jo Soehlig should all have been severely disciplined or disbarred for running a guardianship without jurisdiction, without notice to Mary, her elderly sisters, and in derogation of Mary’s Last Power of Attorney naming Gloria Guardian.  Mary wanted to live at home and not in a nursing home.  Soon as Carolyn sold Mary’s house, Mary went into a string of nursing homes where she was isolated from 20+ former friends and family and eventually drugged to death.

Even today, when you go to nursing homes, everyone wants to go home. No one wants to be there.  But there is no mention of having anyone investigate these pleas and let seniors go home.

Here’s an interesting idea posted on Facebook:

Seems to me, this is the perfect solution.  Cruise ships would benefit greatly by simply taking on the elderly where food, accommodations and friends are overflowing.  People are entertained nightly with great shows.  And best of all, no guardianship court and no courtroom appointed leaches to drain the estate.

This lady has the perfect solution.

Maybe you should changed your POA to your favorite cruise line to be your guardian in the final years.

4 thoughts on “Ukranians Throw their Corrupt Politicians into Dumpsters

  1. I went on a cruise once and met a lady there who figured that going for cruises was cheaper than being in a nursing home — plus the ships had better medical facilities as well. So she happily crused into the sunset of her golden years.

  2. Joanne , I cannot express anymore the deep suffering , yearning and longing of those victimized and those that love them . The trauma is only felt by the ones who have been drugged ,Isolated , everything and everyone taken from them and their families who love them and want them , these people have been tortured beyond human understanding . While the others laugh at how powerful they are . How nothing can happen to them …..

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